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miketropicApril 6, 2014

Picked these 2 up on my birthday buy up weekend..both 10 bucks and have plenty of pips showing. They also has Liberty for 11 bucks but no pips in any pot. the one I dug into had crown rot so I was not going to take a chance.

Blue Ivory

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Strip Tease

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jadie88(7 MD)

Nice! I would love to find a Blue Ivory that's so far along. Mine is a small fry, and I hear its a slow grower. I'd love to see how it an update in a couple weeks!

Happy birthday!

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Great buys!! My peonies are only now breaking through the mulch. The hosta are showing no signs of life.

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Awesome deals! Good score :)

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bernd ny zone5

Nice hostas to show pips now. I tried to get stumps out from 6 ft arborvitae which I just had cut down, could not because the ground is still frozen. No hosta pips either. Bernd

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NO hosta pips so far here in NYC. I am, however, seeing all but 2 of my heucheras showing tiny baby leaves in the middle. The only 2 that are not are Georgia Peach and Marmalade, the 2 largest of my heuchies. I went into my basement storage room today to soak my 6 held-over geraniums. Wow! I saw green on all of them! One of them even was growing a couple of tiny baby leaves. This was my first try at over-wintering geraniums, thus the thrill of seeming success. So I took them out of the basement storage room and potted them, then put them under artificial light in the living room. It's not the intense light of outdoors, but I hope to nurse them along for 3 more weeks til I can plant them outside.

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Those are nice... I am hoping my "bulbs" do something. I think 2 or 3 look like they might? (I got 5 of U. Medio Variegata.) Greenhouses aren't even up yet here... And even the box stores don't have any hosta or anything good right now. Probably another couple of weeks before they do.

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mary4b(4b WI)

Nice! You just reminded me of a certain greenhouse that overwinters their pots and sometimes I get some great steals from them in the early spring....add'l pips in the pots, with last year's price tag. I remember I got some Eola Sapphires with 11-13 eyes each. I better get over there asap! I have the hosta bug really bad this spring.

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Looks good, Mike. I think 'Striptease' is gonna explode out of that pot.

Don B.

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If I could have found a Liberty with that many eyes I would have gotten 2! I think both were good buys for the size

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