where to get the full david liddle's iml list?

greentoe357June 7, 2014

Iris Liddle's catalog seems to include only the available cuttings IML numbers (makes sense for a sales catalog, of course). Is there a master list available somewhere of ALL IMLs they've ever assigned to any plants?

I got some cuttings with IMLs that I can find zero information on, so I'd like to verify there.

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I had (still have somewhere) a hard copy of a list of their IMLs which I got from David before he passed away. But I suspect it may only have been what they had available at the time. Have you tried contacting Iris? Another one, if you know her, who might have a full list is Carol Noel in Hawaii. She also knew David quite well and dealt a lot with him.

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Thanks, TB. Carol actually already contacted Iris for me, and to have the updated list for herself, but Iris is travelling, and I thought maybe the list is available online somewhere, or maybe somebody can send sooner.

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