June Blooms - part 2

mayyanJune 16, 2013

I opened a new one because the first started to be long.

cagayanensis IML 1600:

merrillii IML 0465:

bordenii IML 0775:

mindorensis yellow:

mindorensis pink:

mindorensis red:

cardiophylla IML 1685:

graveolens long leaf:

sp. LP PUK (hope one of you can identify this one):

the plant:

Last but not least hummingbird nest on hoya australis. The nest:

closeup on the mother:

The babys:

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Gorgeous blooms Mayyan!! I love the all white blooms... so rare to see blooms that pure looking...you have some beautiful blooms. I especially love the hummingbirds nest on your austrailis...that is so Cool! Thanks for the great photos!!

Oh, I forgot to comment on the one hoya you are asking about...it looks similar to my Hoya vanuatuensis?? Possibly it might be that...

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Quite lovely collection you have there.


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thanks all for your kind words.

Your vanuatuensis is beautiful . I am not sure mine is also vanuatuensis. The flowers on my plant are very close to the stem and also the leaves shape looks a bit different. Thanks for trying.

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So lovely, the iml 1600 is the best! I have heard mindorensis is sticky, is that true? I mean more than most hoyas! The nest is just so cute. ~ Mary

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Mayyan, thank you so much for starting a new thread and posting so many gorgeous photos! It was Hoya overload, for me. My eyes were boggled right out of my head. :P

I especially liked the mindorensis pictures. I have wanted to see this flower in person soooo badly since I started growing Hoyas, but your pictures are the next best thing. That yellow one is so delicate and hairy... it's crazy!

My lobbii (dark form) started opening right as I left town, but thankfully it was still in bloom when I got back (thanks for crossing your fingers for me, pug!) This one blooms for a looooong time! Also, the pictures make it look a lot lighter than it is. It's such a decadent gothy black raspberry shade. (This is the one I posted bud pictures of in the original June thread.)

Also my Hoya parasitica x pachyclada opened yesterday and wasn't it all set to have the best sap buffet in town!? :P

Btw, does anyone else hate the new Flickr setup, where you have to be looking at the individual photo in order to grab the share code? Thanks for forcing about a zillion extra clicks by the time I'm done, Flickr! -_-

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nice picture pepeuve...love the nectar dripping from the flower.

Wow...gorgeous pictures!! You're quite the pro with your camera GG...Thanks!

Hoya patella...

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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I can't get my one mindorensis to bloom, any tips?

And pug that patella is just simply lovely!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Renee!! Can't help with your Mindorensis (don't have that one)...good luck!!

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@ rennfl

Thanks for the compliments. I got the mindorensis cuttings about 2 years ago and they all bloomed for the first time this June. I am not an experienced grower but if you want me to guess, I think a worm winter (about 18 degrees Celsius) and a lot of light did the trick.

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Great pics everyone!!!! Mayyan I particularly like your cagayanensis. The foliage on this plant is awesome! Also how neat is it to have a hummingbird actually nest in one of your hoya plants!!!

GG, that lobbii photo is very cool as is the parasitica X pachyclada.

I have but a single flower photo to share with you all today and it's of my H. praetorii in the process of closing. I think this is a really neat photo!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Oh Wow!! That is a really Cool picture, Very pretty David!!

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I can finally join in on the fun of sharing bloom pictures! Here is bella, blooming for the first time.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hoyas are such a cool plant! Your plants are absolutely beautiful! The conservitorie I volunteered at had not that flowed like water from its pot. Absolutely massive! Soon I will have one of my own!

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David, that is an Awesome picture! I love how it looks purple! Very pretty!

GG, the Lobbii blows me away! I can't even imagine it being darker in person!

Nancy, that H. patella is so pretty. It reminds me of a frilly quilted pillow!
The leaves are gorgeous! I hope your trip is going well. Youll have to catch us up on where all you went:)
Mayyan, I love all your photos. The Mindorensis Is especially exquisite! And I've never seen baby hummers! Thanks for posting!

Brad,congratulations!! Getting H.Belle Is A great accomplishment. It is a such beautiful, delicate hoya. One day I will try it.

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Hi people:

Photos taken right now
each flower is of a different variety.


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