Some hostas finally up (Very image heavy)

frostynyc(7)April 21, 2012

My garden has been way behind everyone else's, so I'm thrilled things are finally coming up. Most of my hostas are still just eyes coming up and starting to unfurl, but these are ahead of the game. Note that a rabbit made a nest in my suburban backyard this spring and snacked on some hosta eyes, and the slugs have ALREADY come out to play. Here are a few of my hostas that are up, and some of my companion plants:

Liberty (the edges of the first leaves got damaged/fried when I moved this into more sun a few weeks ago):

First Frost:

June (gets lots of sun, and serves as rabbit snackfood):

June (different one in less sun):


Heuchera Stoplight:

Tulip Happy Generation (I plant bulbs amongst my hostas):

Patriot (boring, but I love it):

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What blossoms fell on Patriot? Nice images. Nance

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The blossoms are from an Eastern Redbud tree that's blooming right above that section of the yard.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Very nice. I love how bright Liberty's edges are in the spring. I wish they stayed that way.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Very nice,indeed! Down here Tulips have gone away,and now the Rhodies are blooming,with Mountain Laurel getting ready to crank up. Hostas are almost completely leafed out,as you can see from my posts. Rabbits nibbled on a couple of my hosta earlier in the year. Phil

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Beautiful, I love all the colorful Heuchera they have out now... they go great with hostas!

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Tepelus - Agreed. But Liberty is still beautiful later in the summer... unlike hostas like Orange Marmalade and Tattoo, which are definitely lackluster later in the season.

Hosta_freak - I still have tulips and daffodils blooming. I'm envious of NC's climate, though. You have a longer growing period and you can grow more tropicals. I can't even put my caladium rhizomes into the ground until June!

Veryblessed - I agree. In the last couple years, the number and variety of heuchera has been growing exponentially. It's incredible. I only have 3 varieties, but I'll definitely be adding more.

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kskaren(z5 MO)

Very nice, Frosty! I also love heuchera with hostas! I have 5 or 6 varieties, but just ordered 9 new ones this past week. Who needs blooms with that beautiful foliage??

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Patriot boring? Just because it is popular, Patriot is still one of the most beautiful Hostas ever.

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bernd ny zone5

I love my Patriot hostas, they are very good growers. I divide another one out to put into a bed as improvement.

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jan_on zone 5b

Wow that tulip is certainly a stunner. Likewise the heuchera (or might it be a heucherella?) And I am another vote for 'Patriot' although it seems to be last up in my garden this spring.

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I love patriot and why is it boring, it is beautiful

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All beautiful. I espcially like Liberty, June and Patriot. The green edges on your June are much narrower than on mine. My Patriots are also very slow to leaf out this year. That's a very pretty heucherella.

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Note to self: Never call a hosta boring. :) I only called it boring cause it's an old variety that we've all seen a hundred times. Truth be known, I absolutely love Patriot. It's definitely in my top ten favorite list.

Jan.ON - Regarding the Heuchera, you're right, it is a Heucherella. I have four varieties right now, and I've only managed to kill one. I'm amazed by how huge they got with their spring growth.

Anniegolden - Yea, that one June has razor thin edges. Kinda strange.

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