For Kelly--bicolor leaves

dmichael619(8a)June 13, 2011

Kelly ,

here are pics of the bicolored leaves as promised. I did not include any of the finlaysonii's that I grow as they are not as spectacular as these 3 are.

first is H. callistophylla IML 0554. Pretty but in my opinion the least interesting of the 3

H. sp. Borneo Ganung Gading. I like this one because if you grow it in very bright light the leaves will turn a nice red/purple color.As you can see I have obviously been growing mine in lower light.

H. sp. Kalimantan IML 1168. If I were forced to give up 2 of these 3 ,the first 2 would have to go!!!

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I just love these kinds of leaves! If you ever feel the need to part with that Borneo Ganung Gading, you just give me a call and I'll be right over to get it! LOL!

Denise in Omaha

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I like them all. This is going to sound odd, but I really like the way the callistophylla IML 0554 has imperfect markings, kind of like someone did a charcoal rubbing on a worn and uneven surface. It makes them wabi-sabi, you know?

How large are those sp. Kalimantan IML 1168 leaves?

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I LOVE those leaves! Too pretty!

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i'll keep that in mind!!! I've heard that Ganung Gading was a slow grower but it seems to be just the opposite for me.


leaf size goes like this for the 3 hoyas listed above.

That largest callistophylla leaf is 9L x 3 1/2W. The average leaf size on the plant though is 7L x 2 1/2W

the sp. Borneo Ganung Gading leaves seem to be pretty consistent in size being 4L x 2W

the sp. Kalimantan leaves are also pretty consistent being 4 3/4L x 2W with the exception of that one fluke which is 61/2L x 2 1/4W

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Oh my goodness!!! They are georgeous leaves. I don't think I would mind if they took forever to bloom. The leaves would
more than make up for it. David, I envy your collection. You have hoya that I've never seen before. Such great variety. Thanks for posting all those pictures.

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

I'll have to take your word about which one is the best! They all look beautiful!

Thanks for posting!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...Gorgeous leaves on all of them!!

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Oh wow! I thought the sp. Borneo Ganung Gading was the size of callistophylla. That's very cool that the latter two are in the medium category. I've never seen compact leaves of this type in person.

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