New Plants And New Growth

moonwolf_gwJune 21, 2011

Hi everyone,

Well, no new plants yet but I was having trouble what to call this thread. Anyways, I'm still hunting hoyas for my wish list. I am determined to find a Royal Flush or Ruby Sue and a pubicalyx White Dragon for my collection. If I don't find one, Plan B is to decide on one from Joni. I see she has White Dragon and both lacunosas. Kerrii I'm still looking for too. Like I said before, so many hoyas, so little space!

I am seeing lots of new growth on almost all of my plants. The latest excitement being discovering peduncles on Nikki, my carnosa (see my other post). I've been ignoring them for the most part and have been focusing on the outdoor garden. My verticillata is not doing a darn thing! The cuttings are very woody and I got them in a trade last year. Black Dragon is really showing off with just sprays of lush green foilage. It's my favorite pubicalyx as of now!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I'm looking for those 2 lacunosas also here in Virginia-nothing to report yet!

Those publicalyx's sound amazing. Do you have pics of the one you do have?


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Hi Susan,

Here's a picture I took yesterday of my Black Dragon. Not in bloom but a very nice plant! It starting growing like mad after I put it outside for the summer like my other hoyas.

I have to add that I will be getting some Royal Flush cuttings from a nice member on here! Now if I can just root them, all will be well!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Your Black Dragon is looking great. Beast of luck rooting 'Royal Flush' and getting Nikki to bloom.


What part of VA are you in? In the Stafford area they have 'Ruby Sue'.


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Close, it's Culpeper.

I was in Fredericksburg last weekend checking out the Lowe's and HD with no luck. Hmmm, Stafford is not too much farther. I have to restrain myself (yeah, right) because I have bought too many plants lately.

Thanks for the tip,

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oops, forgot my manners...

Brad, thanks for posting that picture. Love that plant, too. Very healthy!

In regard to lacunosas, I have the regular one and the splash. I must say that splash is overtaking the regular one by leaps and bounds and blooming like crazy on my front porch.


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You're welcome, Susan and David!

Susan, good luck finding a Ruby Sue! When you say speckled, do you mean you have the Snow Caps version?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Yes, that's probably the correct name of the one I have. It clearly out does the original lacunosa.


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LOL I was experiencing some envy at how big your Black Dragon has gotten, Brad. Then I pulled out my flat and realized mine has been growing up a storm, too. I agree that this is a nice looking plant, somehow, even though the leaves are very simple. I think, as you put it, it just has an aura of opulent health and vigor.

Congrats on the new Royal Flush cuttings!

My carnosa finally put out a peduncle this year, so I'm with you on the rooting for the late bloomers team. Goooooooooooooooo slowpokes!

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GG, that's great news! I hope your carnosa blooms for you too! I am very excited about my Royal Flush cuttings! Thanks for the cheer of support! Goooooooooooooooo slowpokes!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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