Apple storage

dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)September 25, 2011

I am looking for plans to make an apple/pear/potato storage container. I would like one that is rat proof so I could put it into our unheated barn. Any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Storage in an unheated barn would be far too cold I would think. Does it get below 40 degrees F in there in the winter? Ideal storage is cool (not cold) and dry with good air circulation.

If you Google 'potato storage bin plans' lots of different plans come up and most are free.


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dotty, I see you're in zone 8b. As Dave mentioned, cold storage is still above freezing.

We used to just wrap apples in newspaper and store them in boxes in the root cellar, but potatoes actually store best in sand, IMO.

Any kind of a box where you could bury the potatoes in sand and keep them from reaching freezing temperatures would be good. Apples and pears are better packed in something like straw, if you're going to do them in containers. Wooden shipping boxes work nicely, but again, it depends on your temperature.

An old barn? I don't suppose you have a bunch of hay or straw bales in there? You could sink clean garbage cans into the hay/straw for insulation, then use them to pack your produce, maybe. Cheap, readily available and easily accessed...


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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

Thanks for the responses. Digdirt, it seldom drops below 40F here. If it did, I could use a small heater to keep it from freezing. It is very rainy in the wintertime with lots of humidity of course, so air movement is crucial. I've got my DH checking out the googled designs. Annie, I like your idea of newspaper wrapped apples. The paper would help with the humidity. I've still got some thinking to do....

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