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casey1gwApril 5, 2013

OK I planted the blue ivory and I'm going to get the rainforest sunrise. They're both at Costco with 5 in a package.

A few years ago I lost apx 30 large hostas when the garbage man threw out a bagful. Since then, I got Francis Williams, Sagae and several unidentified ones at the CT plant swap. But now, I've bought great expectations, big daddy and lakeside dragonfly at Costco and they've done very well. I'm well on my way to be a Hostaholic.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

You are not on the way.... you have arrived. Welcome. Oh and glad I can help. Paula

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Anytime, Casey!

Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you know.. i suggest you grow/throw them on the driveway..

but i never considered growing them on the driveway IN A GARBAGE BAG ....

you humor me by suggesting it was the garbage mans fault..

do you know about HVX.. do some superficial reading on such.. just in case cosco doesnt.. there is probably a link on the front page of the hosta library..

welcome back to hostadom ....


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I've got to blame someone. Before I moved, I started moving my garden. I'd dig up a lot of plants put them in a garbage bag, bring them to the new house the next morning and plant. The garbage man who normally didn't move 6" to pick up something on the ground went to the other side of the garage to take the bag.

I was hostaless!!!!!!!!

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Casey1 -
Maybe your garbage man is also a hostaholic and was spying on you just waiting for his opportunity to nab the bag!

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Ludi _PA_7a

Every budding hostaholic needs a healthy Elegans to guide them to the subtler blues of hostadom.

Welcome Casey :)

If you stick around long enough you'll find we all have our personal favorites and endlessly recommend them to anyone who will listen. :p

Can't help myself,

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Wow, you have a good Costco....All mine has is 'Frances Williams'....stupid local Costco....

Don B.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

I hope your Costco is better than our Sams. A couple years ago I bought a box of "Twilight" roots. I wanted to have something to give all the groups that ask for plant sale donations. They all grew, but whatever they are, it isn't Twilight.

Oh, well, the hosta club won't want them, but the local garden club is happy to take NOIDs.

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Madplanter, have you brought your Twilight NOID to the forum for possible ID?

Others here (not MOI) are great about hitting the right hosta.
You know the trick of putting an item in the picture to indicate plant size, how old it is, what color the blooms are, and a photo of a leaf fairly close up?

I've been enabled so ably myself all last year, it is my turn to do some enabling.

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