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greedygh0stJune 30, 2011

Well, the Liddle order is coming and the Epiphytica order is coming and I believe there are some Canadian orders in the works as well. Plus, it's high trade season.

So, I was wondering:

What is winging its way over to you that you are most excited about?

I know I can't possibly be the only person who likes to know what's on everyone else's order lists. It's always interesting to see what makes the cut for others since we can all sympathize with how difficult it is to narrow things down to something that will fit in your house and not break the bank (just crack it a little).

I'm also curious:

What did you want that you cannot seem to get your hands on at the moment?

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What did you want that you cannot seem to get your hands on at the moment? you ask?

I probably won't rest until I get my mitts on Hoya sp. Gunung Gading.
I dream that I find it in nurseries. No really, I dream about it. Sadly, it was the one hoya not available from my Epiphytica order.

and What is winging its way over to you that you are most excited about?

Well, pretty much all of them that I ordered.... do you want us to post a list?

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I always wonder what others order as well. That way if I know what they have and I am looking for it in the future I know who to turn to!!! My Liddle list is way too long to post here,aside from that i'm not really even sure where my copy of it is!! I guess I should be trying to track that down at some point today!!!

My Epiphytica order goes something like this!!!

EPC 686--sp. GPS 7240
EPC 699--UT-011
EPC 700--UT-012 aff forbesii
EPC 703--UT-030
EPC 706--UT-038 Flores Island- been trying to get my hands on this one for a while
EPC 707--UT-039 Flores Island-been after this one for a while also
EPC 720--cv. Nelinae
EPC 722--sp. Lata Iskandar clone B

One that I really wanted that I can't seem to get my greedy, grubby little hands on at the moment is H. spartioides. But that's probably a good thing anyway as i've already managed to kill it 4 times !!!!!


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" you want us to post a list?"
If you want. I'd be interested! :D

sp. Gunung Gading is a very beautiful plant for sure. I lucked out and had full availability from my list, which sure is a good thing since I'd totally forgotten that I might get denied.

I'm dying of curiosity to find out what the availability of my Liddle order was. The one on that list I most care about is sp. Estrella Waterfalls.

And what I'm most excited about is that I have 3, maybe 4 rigidas on their way. I can't wait to lay them all out in a lineup and compare. Actually that would be a pretty fun picture, with the ones I already have, too.

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I'm loving that EPC-699, David. And the EPC-707 is really gorgeous. Do you know what the story on cv. Nelinae is?

My lists go something like this:
(If only you could see how I'm blushing! But you've got to give to receive!)

0965 caudata - Sumatra
1679 elliptica - Malaysia
0511 erythrina - Kedah Peak
1856 griffithii
1101 hellwigiana - PNG
1155 hypolasia - Madang PNG
1046 lambii - Sabah
1818 nervosa - Vietnam
1083 patella - PNG
1529 rigida - Thailand
1256 sp. Estrella Falls - Philippines
1391 sp. IPPS8898
1420 sp. - Thailand
1423 sp. aff. erythrostemma - Thailand

EPC 57----finlaysonii
EPC 284--(northeast of thailand L) aff kunmink kina
EPC 183--sp. (Vietnam)
EPC 211-- sp. aff rigida PCBR-KYnp-MST
EPC 603--sp. aff rigida
EPC 605--sp. aff rigida
EPC 662--sp. aff caudata
EPC 692--sp. Queson
EPC 229--sp. RCBR-SP-YKL) clone A
EPC 123--aff micrantha (PCBR-KYnp_HSWwf)

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Really is a good question GreedyGhost, what excites each of us! I've had ants in my pants ever since the Liddle order was put together. Then when David mentioned the Epiphytica order I just about did a back-flip! I generally lurk here but read daily and glean as much info and photo eye-candy as I can take in. I'm a foliage junkie so just about everything I ordered was to satisfy my foliage lust. (if it's got variegation, spots/splotches and veining, sign me up!)

From Iris, I ordered;

H. acuta albomarginata IML 1625
H. acuta var hendersonii IML 1462
H. acuta variegata IML 1578
H. callistophylla Borneo IML 1174
H. citrina (Malaysia) IML 0734
H. citrina (Sumatra) IML 1211
H. aff clandestina IML 1590
H. collina Biak IML 1187
H. curtisii Thailand IML 1160
H. erythrina Kedah Peak IML 0511
H. erythrina Malaysia IML 0415
H. kerrii variegated IML 1497
H. latifolia IML 0088
H. linearis IML 0139
H. mindorensis Sabah IML 1776
H. multiflora speckled leaf IML 0153
H. rigida (red lf. Form) IML 1669
H. sp DMC1622 âÂÂPhilippinesâ IML 0831
H. sp IPPS7021 Sumatra IML 1198
H. sp. Kalimantan IML 1168
H. sp. Nong Nooch IML 1541
H. sp. âÂÂSumatraâ IML 1012

And from Epiphytica I ordered;

EPC-624 acuta yellow variegated
EPC-18 bella albomarginata
EPC-311 elliptica (clone A)dark green leave with white veins
EPC-67 globulosa
EPC-274 javanica "Milky way"
EPC-90 javanica variegata
EPC-89 javanica
EPC-94 kenejiana variegated (one of my big ticke items!)
EPC-99 kerrii Variegata
EPC-360 lambii (another mucho moolah baby!)
EPC-622 macrophylla variegata reverse (the bank breaker!)
EPC-475 sp. Gunung Gading (BOO HOOO, not available)
EPC-498 sp. aff. Biakensis

So naturally I'm lusting for H. sp. Gunung Gading because it the ONE that I cannot have.

I think that's about 35 new to me hoyas to add to my 75. I suppose I'm just a little coo-coo for cocopuffs

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Well I was in on the Canadian Liddle order and I ordered

macrophylla variegate (1622)
blaschernaezii (1631)
Royal Hawaiian purple (0056)
pottsii (0489)
Purpureo fusa

I REALLY wanted and Have been looking for Lacunosa snowcaps - but Iris did not carry this variety - So that was too bad.... anyways looking forward to my order arriving !!

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I don't know what the story is on cv. Nelinae. I just thought the foliage was nice so I ordered it!!! I noticed that jack had some other cv. that I had never heard of also. I'm not sure,maybe they are things that were hybridized at his nursery. It'll be interesting to find out so maybe i'll ask jack and see what he has to say.

The only thing I never liked about ordering from the Liddle's was the fact that you never know what you'll be getting until you get it!!!

I found my list and here's what I ordered from Iris,many of which i'm sure will not be available.

0457-aff. samoensis
0870-pottsii big tablenad
0362-pottsii cape tribulation
0658-pottsii cape weymouth
0363-pottsii chester rv
0795-pottsii claudie crossing qld
0361-pottsii clohesy rv
0548-pottsii daintree rv
0796-pottsii garaway ck
1827-pottsii kennedy gorge
0525-pottsii pascoe rv
0791-pottsii platypus ckbridge tinaroo falls
0538-pottsii rooty ck
0340-pottsii sp hx59
0023-pottsii tinroo dam
0640-pottsii tully falls qld
0215-pottsii windsor tab
1029-sp. ad 19 kappit borneo
1646-sp. bintulu borneo
1871-sp. Philippines ekw97-002
1487-sp. (siamica)

I hope they all show up but if they don't that's okay too!!! I ordered BIG this time around as I sort of knew this may be our last time .


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I will NOT be posting my Liddle order for fear of jinxing myself. There is something I really really want from that order but I don't want to get my hopes up until I am holding it in my hands, getting ready to pot it up! Although I will admit to kentiana since I already said I was getting that in another post. (Still intrigued to see how it will differ from wayetti.) However, I will post my Epiphytica order because I know I'm getting it! I only ended up with two, because the others were not available:

EPC 482 sp (PNG SV-420)
EPC 198--sp. (CM-DT) sp.1

I am interested to see how these look. Particularly EPC 198. Hey GG, I was thinking of getting EPC 605! Tell me what you think of it. The flowers looked amazing. I was trying to get this: EPC 318--sp. (PTBR-PNYwf) aff. finlaysonii because the leaves looked unreal. Alas, it is not available. I also really want odetteae someday. I think I'm going to have to get it from Ted Green, as I have no idea who else has it.

Can I just say, holy moly, David! You'll have to keep us posted as to what actually made it to you.

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would you believe that there's 2 other people on this Liddle order who actually have lists longer than mine!!!

I don't actually hope to get all 3 of the soloniflora clones,I just thought if I listed all 3 that maybe i'd get lucky and at least 1 would be available as i've tried before to get this one and it never came through for me!! As for the rest of my list,I hope every one of them shows up!!! Especially the pottsii's!!!

GG,I won't mention an IML number or anything but I have a clone of H.pottsii (you know the one)(yeah the one with the supposed blue/green flowers)that after 8+ years of no flowers,FINALLY has some well developed buds on it. I certainly hope that by talking about it that I haven't jinxed it and the buds fall off!!

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I see you went for a whole cluster of javanicas. That's very cool. You're going to have a whole windowful of them! I only narrowly eliminated multiflora from my list, because for some reason I am just obsessed with being able to see several of the members of the multiflora complex side by side. Which is definitely something you are going to be able to do now, so I'm jealous.

Too funny the way we all have our big ticket items that we splurge on. Mine was the EPC 229.


So the snowcaps is hard to get ahold of in Canada? That's really too bad. To be honest, I really wanted to add your angustifolia to my order, but I didn't have enough time. boo!


Fantastic list! I am hoping she does send you EVERY pottsii! That would be sooooooo awesome!!! Two siamicas, too. That's way cool.

And no, I cannot believe there are two people who outdid you. All I can say is that the three of you are going to be laughing all the way to the post office, with this being the last Liddle haul. I knew that would probably be the case, but I reigned myself in anyway, and now I'm definitely kicking myself.


I didn't have 605 on my original list, because I already had two rigidas marked and I prefer orange and green to pink, but then as I was narrowing it down, I just told myself: What are you thinking? Of course you need the rigida with the crazy calyx. And that was that.

I have to agree about EPC-318. Finlaysoniis are so very cool, all of them. I had a rocky start with my first one, but now that it's starting to take off every time I look at it it's such a joy. The thing about Hoyas with these stiff patterned leaves is they really put out such a variety of shapes and sizes so there's an incredible payoff for growing them.

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Here is my Liddle order list. Quite small compared to some that I am seeing. Heck I could of just gave my $$$ to some of you for some cuttings. It looks like some may need some after paying for their lists.

1556 caudata
0329 cinnamomifolia
0415 erythrina
0444 fungii
0904 heuschkeliana
1270 imperialis
0187 incrassata
1046 lambii
1622 aff. macrophylla
0768 mindorensis ssp superba
1777 mindorensis
0234 obscura
1669 rigida

I already failed once with a healthy rigida. Lets see if the 2nd time is any better. I am pretty much looking forward to receiving all of these cuttings and did not consider them being out of stock :(

I'll be interested in seeing which of these cuttings that I can bring to bloom first. I will love to see if I actually picked out any that have leaves colored something other than solid green(ie caudata).


PS - Can plants be shipped from the US to Canada? 'Snowcaps' is pretty easy to find here.

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I have not ordered from anywhere but I am getting some Royal Flush cuttings (along with some others) from a very nice member here. Happy day for me since I lost my poor plain lacunosa last fall to the evil mealybugs. How I miss that fragrance!

What do I want that I cannot get at the moment? Pubicalyx White Dragon of course! This is my only hoya that I'm frantically searching for. Of course space is an issue as always. Black Dragon is doing very nicely for me and I would love to get it's twin. Don't have any of these? Get one! I insist!

May everyone's cuttings arrive happily and healthy! David (peanut), you're going to love fungii! It's a wonderful hoya even without blooms! Just feel the leaves! Fuzzy as a bunny lol. Mine's on a growing fit just like the rest of my plants!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

GG... All varieties of hoyas are hard to get ahold of in Canada - lol... I think the ONLY variety that I actually found at a nursery here was carnosa...All my hoya cuttings that I have I got from either the Liddles or Paul Shirley... Oh and I did have one really nice member send me Mathilde and a couple of other nice cuttings.... I bought a few ACTUAL PLANTS from Pike Lake greenhouse which was REALLY nice to get PLANTS.

David (Peanut) you can not ship plants from the U.S. to Canada - unfortunately...

Anyways looking forward to getting my cuttings and getting them all set up in my little aquarium - its always fun to start cuttings and watch them grow into beautiful plants!!
Some of you have quite the LISTS! Good luck with all your Cuttings!

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I have orders coming from Epiphytica and Iris Liddle...surprisingly, both orders are similar...guess I really wanted those ones that are (hopefully) coming from both people...but, if Iris can't fill all of my requests, I hope she fills at least the ones that I ordered only from her...but, then again, some of them I've already purchased elsewhere...not knowing what I'd receive. Seeing everyones lists makes me wish I could order a few more!!

Iris Liddle order:
1856 Griffithii
0415 Erythrina
0561 Ischnopus (I've received two since I placed the order)
1168 Sp. Kalimantan (I've received one since placing the order)
1632 Tomataensis
1747 Telosmoides
0492 Glabra
1256 sp. Estrella Waterfall
1282 pubifera IML 1301
1618 Flagellata
1605 Palawanica
1176 Rumphii
Two of them I ordered two of each.

428 Aff. vitellina (with the all-yellow blooms
487 sp. 981013 Padan Beach
731 Tomataensis GPS 8870
746 Tomataensis...a different clone
701 Alagensis
628 Burmanica
618 aff. acuta (pure white blooms)
401 Dennisii 'Gold Ridge'
311 Elliptica clone A
322 Elliptica clone C
524 Flagellata
439 Manipurensis
685 Iml 1256 Estrella Waterfall

Like David, I was wrongfully denied a H. spartiodes!! LOL
David: is the polystachya you ordered different than the one we already have? Wishing everyone great plants/cuttings! Fondly, Patrick

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Everyone has ordered awesome hoya. I hope you all get what you ordered. I drool when I see your lists. I wish my $$ was unlimited, but I'm on a fixed income and hoya orders are out of question for me. If anyone wants to send me cuttings, I'll send you the postage. That's about all I can do to get new cuttings now. I'm looking forward to pictures of these hoya. Some are new to me.

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I only ordered from Epiphytica, and my order list is sooo small compared to everyone else's :( I have a tight budget as an at-home mom with 4 kids, but I guess it's a good trade off. lol

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Good Luck to everyone that ordered!! I will be looking forward to everyone's pictures and enjoying them through all your excitement and thrills. You guys sure have a GREAT selection coming. Hope both your orders arrive in very healthy condition when you get them...and Please share some photos for us.

I'm very excited for all of you!

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When this order is coming? I'm going to US and I'd like to join the group (if possible)..... Is it possible???? LOL!

I also remember to read somewhere that I can order in US without a import license, but I don't remember were I read it and how many cuts I can order.... I think it was a dmichael619 comment. Does anyone knows? Thanks so much.

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This order was placed a few months ago. Plants can be shipped to the US from most countries without a permit.


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Hello, May i have the Iris Liddle's catalog please? Or where can i download? Thanks a lot :)

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Thank you for the information. I knew that the possibility to join the group was zero!


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I am so excited to get off work today and see if there are any surprises at my door. I need to make a stop on lunch break today to pick up some potting supplies... I think I may be running low. For any smaller cuttings I receive I may try the Forsythe pot kids and cats described in the recent post. We'll have to see who is the first to post pics.


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WOW, the plants are already on its way????

What a great expectation, I wish I could join the group but I'll be here just waiting the pictures.... and be delighted with all of you.

Please take pictures.....


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