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teisa(6)June 25, 2012

I have a 1.5 yr old Pachyclada that I recently posted a picture of ready to bloom. Well it only opened about 1/2 way and then umbel started to die. I figured this typical for my first bloom on it. Any advice on getting the full blooms? I think I had read plenty of watering during blooming time, is this correct?

Also I wondered if it will reboom from the same place? Like the carnosas that you should never pull off after it blooms? Ive been thinking about writing this question for a couple days when today I noticed another thicker start growing out from where it just bloomed. Is this normal? Thanks!

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This is a picture so everyone gets a better idea.

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Ok I'm really gonna need help posting this picture...I can't get the new function to let me click on it. Am I supposed to click where it says " image file to upload (optional): choose file"? Because I cannot click there.

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Hey Teisa. I'm not sure what is causing your problems. For me, I press on the button "choose file" as highlighted in this picture. Then, there is a small delay as it uploads, and afterward the file name shows up to the right of the button (e.g. "UploadFile.jpg")

Yes, the pachyclada will bloom again from the same peduncle, like carnosa, so you should not interfere with it. Even the rare Hoyas that drop their peduncles (e.g. javanica) do so only after blooming multiple times from them. You can tell when a peduncle's life is done because it turns yellow like a dying leaf. I guess you could nip it off at that point, but there is really never a need to prune peduncles.

Some people report buds blasting because they forgot to water and others say they've had Hoyas drop their buds because they get watered too much. My advice is just to try and maintain the status quo. It is pretty typical to lose the first batch of buds, so don't overthink it.

What do you mean by "another thicker start growing out from where it just bloomed." Do you mean that new buds are forming on the peduncle?

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Annnnd apparently if you preview your post, change something and then hit submit, the picture disappears! So, if you edit your post, you need to re-upload the file.

Do as I say, not as I do! ;)

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Thanks for the help Greedy Ghost! After looking through past pictures I believe it was growing a seed pod. I looked at the post by Sue. After my pachy bloomed it is growing a new stem from the where it last bloomed. When I saw her post I realized what I have!!

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I thought that might be it. Congratulations, let us know how it goes. :)

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