Gossard 2013 intros

spiderjoeNovember 23, 2012

I found the 2013 intro's by mistake. Click on the G behind ebay store.


I think he may be still working on it. A couple of the plants dont have links. Collection price is last years price.

15 DIP's & 23 TET'S

Some of them are kind of pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gossard website

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Black Panther is my kind of daylily.

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Sea Panther needs to come to my garden.

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Huntress also caught my eye. I guess I am in the mood for some black-purple daylilies. This one doesn't quite have the branching and bud count of Black Panther but it is about 3" bigger.

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Hmmm, I didn't see the seedling number for BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON, but have to wonder if this pic I took in his selected seedling bed is it? It looks like it was in the same exact garden location as in Jamies pic. Not nearly as blue as his picture, but I still like it. Wish he'd given the seedling number but will have to wait until that goes up on the DB to know for sure.

This pic was taken early AM so it looks fairly blue, but nowhere nearly as blue as the pic on the website. What do you think?

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It appears very like the other.

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I want Black panther. What an animal.Exotic Starfish is neato, too.

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Julie - the description of BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON says that it was grown in the greenhouse and put outside in the fall. So , not the same plant if you took the picture in the summer.

Looks like one of the Bob F. seedlings.

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floota, I was having a conversation w/ a daylily friend last night about a seedling photographed during the National -- the same one you photographed, apparently -- and whether it was in fact BLUE EYES. I pointed out to my friend the same thing that spiderjoe did: According to the website, BEWD was in the greenhouse during the summer. And even if you ignore that fact, note that BEWD's petals have a bit of a double edge, while the seedling's do not (in the image at least). There are also some other differences, some perhaps too subtle to matter, and others e.g., what looks like heavier stippling around the eye in the intro; the overall shape of the bloom; the difference in shape and extent of both blue and green on the sepals. We agreed the differences could be due to time of day, weather conditions, etc. We also conluded that BEWD and the photographed seedling could be sibs. But like you say, we'll need DB info to be sure.

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The petals also look a bit longer on Julies picture.

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I guess the truth is, the color on blue eyes white dragon just doesn't look real to me, and that's why I questioned it. There are some other images I took of selected seedlings that HAVE to be some of the 2013 intros, but I won't share them here.

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Looks like Gossard's pictures were taken outside, unless he has Hosta's and a spruce tree in his greenhouse. I wonder if Larry Grace was growing it at his place and does it need heat and humidity to look that blue ?

Last year i bought Rainbow Maker. It's a quick increaser.

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