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saldutJune 27, 2011

I have never tried growing Hoya, but fell in love w/pics on the Fla. Forum... I need advice desperately, and hope you experts can help me.... I'd like to find Hoya that hang, and are fragrant, and floriferous (sp?) free-flowering ??, no specific color... I have some orchids hanging in a Guava tree and they seem to do well, and I can put them all in my front south-facing porch in the colder weather, they would get some sun there, it can be closed-in during our occasional freezes.... I have called several Dealers and can't understand what I am being told, that's why I'm coming here... I'd appreciate any advice on varieties, and where to obtain them, what Dealers to order from.... also, how big do they have to be to start flowering, how old?? Thanks for any and all hints and advice, sally

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Welcome to the forum Sally. Seeing as you are in Florida I think SRQ Hoyas would be your best choice because you can buy established plants vs cuttings.
There are many Hoyas that would fit the description you gave but I think you would be very happy with Hoya lacanosa. Were you hoping for larger flowers or are small ones still fine as long as the are fragrant? Species like DS-70, kentiana,wayetii smell like butter or caramel while lacanosa is a sweet musky scent. Hoya obscura would be a nice one for you to grow as well.

Take a look at for some ideas and to look up the different species. The SRQ site also has great photos and descriptions of the plants.


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Thanks Mike-- I'll take a look at SRQ, I did go on Google and found some interesting sites but SRQ is here near-by as you say...I don't really care if the flowers are large or small but would like a scent and long-blooming... I'd like to know, how often do Hoya bloom ? is is once-a-year? or twice ? someone on the Fla. Forum seemed to say that they -or certain ones- bloomed 'continuously', or had a very long bloom-cycle... and of course, this got my attention because I had thought they were like orchids, and mostly bloomed once-per-year... so I'd like to know which ones do bloom longer - or continuously- if at all... LOL.... so any advice is appreciated and I thank you... sally

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My Hoya DS-70 blooms often and heavily, others may only bloom a couple times a year and there are many that can be stingy with blooms as well. I would suggest asking Joni at SRQ what she would recommend because she is growing her plants in a similar climate as yourself.


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Lacunosa was my first thought as well. Since you're in such a warm climate you'll probably get more blooms on any hoya than many of us in colder areas. But yes, talk to Joni.

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Thanks, I did go on SRQ and saw some that were fragrant and bloomed a lot, some were out of stock so I gave my addy to be notified when they are available.... I also went by a local Nursery and they had some plants, I got a Hoya KERRI for $6.99 in a small pot, but it has a long vine getting ready to bloom, how abt. that ! when I learn more abt. the different varieties I plan on going back....maybe write down the names of what they do have and then research and ask you folks.... thanks for all the suggestions I appreciate it, thanks...sally

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That's a nice deal for a Hoya kerrii. If you see Hoya pubicalyx in your travels that is another more common species but it is a must have Hoya with big beautiful fragrant flowers.


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Thanks Mike - I was adv. to look at Guardino and did so and they have some on sale, oh my-- decisions decisions decisions!!! .... all you folks have been so kind and helpful... I have a big rose-garden and that was my addiction until now, I have a big south-facing porch and am furnishing it with orchids and hoya, now so much to learn ! so little time ! Thanks again, sally

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