Annie Your Bean & Ham Soup Please

oletimerSeptember 26, 2011

Annie I saw your post under the post canning soup, I tried to go to the site that you posted for canning Dried Beans but it is no longer available, I am going to follow the NCHFP directions but I wondered if you could tell me what seasonings you use in your bean soup. I will do the 1/2 & 1/2 in jar. I also am using the ham broth but I skimmed the fat off, Thanks.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

In case Annie's busy today, here's the revised MSU link.

The document is dated 1997 but it's not an issue as the instructions are identical to what's posted on the NCHFP site.


Here is a link that might be useful: Canning Dried Beans with Tomato or Mustard Sauce

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Thanks, Carol, MSU changed their website and I haven't even figured it out yet!

oletimer, I've done the beans with tomato sauce, but have reverted to something more simple, I just use the NCHFP guidelines. I boil my ham or smoked pork hocks, use that broth, rehydrate my beans. Add some celery/onion/carrot and can it in a pressure canner at 60 minutes for pints, 11 lbs. of pressure for my dial gauge canner. Half liquid and half solids, of course, and there's a lot more broth than there ever is meat in my soup, LOL, it's more a flavoring than anything.

Happy canning!


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Thank you, I just wondered what you used for the seasonings, I used the NCHFP, I boiled my ham yesterday and took the meat off the bone, I put the broth in the fridge and took the fat off from that, I measured the beans added the correct amount of water, I boiled for 2 minutes and then let it soak for 1 hour, then I drained ( am I suppose to rinse them it didn't say?) and then added them to my meat and ham broth and boiled that for 5 mins, then I filled the jars 1/2 full with the beans & ham and filled to 1 inch of top with liquid, I was running out of broth so I just added hot water to it and heated it again then filled the rest of the jars. And followed directions for PC. right now waiting for pressure to go down. I am from MI also and I have a terrible time trying to find good canning directions If you figure MSU site out let me know.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Annie, that MSU site is discombobulating, LOL. I finally gave up and looked for the document via Google. I couldn't find anything at MSU.


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I canned the Bean & Ham soup using the NCHFP recipe doing the 1/2 & 1/2, I know that the beans will soak up some of the liquid, but my jars look pretty thick, is this the way they are suppose to be? Some jars have some liquid at the top of the jar but not much, I did follow the recipe exact. Thank you for any input.

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