sp. Chicken Farm- is this a slow grower?

there_and_back_againJune 14, 2014

I got a cutting of sp. Chicken Farm from Carol in HI, and it FINALLY rooted after what felt like an eternity. Is this one typically a slow grower, or has mine just not got it's feet under it, so to speak? Thanks!

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I got a cutting from Carol as well, and it has taken quite some time to get settled in. I think that coming from Hawaii, even as a cutting, it needs a little more time to get settled in.

I have had no new growth and I got it late April. However, it did throw out a peduncle. Give it a little time. :)

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I don't grow this specific plant myself, but sp. Chicken Farm falls within the finlaysonii complex, right? In my experience these guys take some time to get themselves situated, but afterwards grow at average speed. Definitely not slow. And I agree with goddess... they are certainly quick bloomers!

Don't worry. I can't remember where you are located, T&BA, but for me, growing indoors, new plants usually take between 6m-1yr to really reach their normal growing stride. That's not to say they do NOTHING for the first year - they grow - but slower than what will become typical for them longterm.

It helps you to not watch your pots boil if you have more pots on the stove⦠just sayin' ;)

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Thanks, goddess. Mine has put out a peduncle as well, and it may be budding up. I can't quite decide yet. I also have teeny leaf-buds as I like to call them, but they aren't doing much. This is one of my favorites from the cuttings I got from her, so I definitely am more on the anxious side. I thought all was lost, until I saw the peduncle!

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Awwww "leaf buds" - I like that term a lot.

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Boy am I in trouble if most of these cuttings are in a period of slow growth. I have 2 that have grown at least 2 feet since March! ;)

I'm in Georgia, and my plants are kept in a building(not air conditioned) under lights. All the other plants seem to love it out there, and are putting on mounds of vines and leaves. A cutting I got from Denise a couple months ago, Minibelle, is budding up, too! The diversifolia plant I got from her has gone completely crazy and is climbing on top of the lights, reaching for the rafters. I'm stunned at all the growth!

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Sounds like you've got a good setup. I bet they love the heat and humidity in Georgia. :)

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H. sp. Chicken Farm has an accession number EKW 97-005, collected by Eva-Karin Wiberg in 1997 in Borneo. Could it possibly be the same as H. sp. 97005 SRQ 3044? The numbers look suspiciously the same. If so, then you, GG, (and I, thanks to you!) already grow this one.

When I google images of 97005, I get what looks like my 97005, but when I google sp. Chicken Farm, what I get does not look like my plant (although image results are all over the place). So, maybe they are different plants in the end.

Perhaps we should ask Joni where she got her plant and what she thinks about this 97005 business? I can do that, unless somebody already has and/or can point me in a direction where there is more light on this.

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No, despite the number coincidence, they are definitely not the same. Though I haven't seen it with my own eyes, I know that sp. Chicken Farm is the one photographed here. It's a really popular Hoya⦠Jack even sells a sport lol!

Not sure where Joni got her sp. 97005. I guess I always thought it sounded like a USDA number. Let me know what you find out.

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I have both sp. 97005 and sp. Chicken Farm and I can assure you they are different plants. They don't look the same and they do not grow the same.

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