Orange daylilies!

flootaDecember 10, 2012

I haven't blogged for a while due to a hard drive crash. Finally got all files and images restored and last night added a blog post called : Aren't you a fan of orange daylilies? If you like oranges, please take a moment to visit!

Here is a link that might be useful: AREN'T you a fan of oranges?

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I love oranges and those are some beauties.
Thanks for sharing them.

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GREAT blog, as usual! I've always loved orange dayliies; in fact, never mind the number of purples, patterns, and teeths I've been buying these days, I still keep my eye out for "must have" oranges.

Naturally, your blog helped a lot in that regard. :)

A few oranges I grow here:

AFTER THE BITE (Gossazrd 11), tet & toothy, AHS database = "orange with a red-orange eyezone and red teeth." Settling in still but looks like it's going to be interesting, and I will like it.

ALASKAN SUNSET (Kropf 99), a diploid double, "brownish orange with darker brownish orange eyezone." This plant is in such a very bad spot yet always blooms for me. I plan to move it next year and am sure it will do really well.

BITTERSWEET HONEY (Viette 79), a dip and a little guy, "bittersweet orange blend," you have to like these little ones in off-colors to have it in the garden. You could always incorporate it into a cottage garden scheme or, how about with grasses or sedges, particularly brownish ones?

GODIVA JAM (Weston 96), tet, "orange rose and rose bicolor with wine eyezone and gold throat," possably not to everyone's taste (?), and not really orange I guess. Most online images are completely off & show a rose-ish daylily. Funny story: even though I'd ordered it from Judith Weston, and precisely for its color, I forgot it was in the orange family and, because of images, planted it among a bed consisting at the time entirely of purples, pinks, roses, and creams. GODIVA JAM looked like it had crashed a party!

JUSTIN GEORGE (Apps 95), diploid, "orange and gold blend with deep orange band and orange throat." I would not call this a true orange FYI. It's one of Darrel's "Fresh Air" kids, and, for the longest time, I had no idea what that meant. So I came up with the term "tall and small" to describe it and daylilies like it, i.e., JUSTIN is a 2" bloom on a 34" scape. (I LOVE daylilies like that!) "Fresh Air kid" means JUSTIN is out of FRESH AIR, which is a 2.5" bloom on a 34" scape. FA's parents were either taller & larger or shorter & smaller. Is that TMI? :)

NISBET ORANGE CRUSH (Hobbs 04), "light orange with edge," very pretty color, short & small, newer to me, looks like it will be very vigorous - one of those "good do-ers."

OVER HEATED (Grace 10), tet, "orange and peach bitone with a matching peach eye." I love bitones and bicolors! This one wants to settle in some more. Overwintered perfectly well its first year here. This winter's supposed to be a hard one, so they say, so we shall see.

RICHARD HERBERT HAYNES (Haynes 03), a tet, "glowing orange yellow red blend with yellow shark tooth edge" (it's out of SPINDAZZLE).

SCREAMCICLE (Cochenour 03), another tet, this one's out of PRIMAL SCREAM, "orange with red orange eye above orange throat." Pat was out of it by the time I discovered it, and, by the time I'd found someone who had it, I felt as if I'd traveled (via phone and electronically) to the ends of the...

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Oh Geez, Lynxe, can't believe I left off Screamcicle. Will have to go back and add that one!! Thanks for your list, too.

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I've always been kind of ambivalent about oranges, but your blog has pushed me into the orange camp. Since most of the DLs that I will be planting next year will be in the lavender, purple, and white range, I must aim for oranges in 2014 to really make those colors pop! Your photos are wonderful. Avedon

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Maryl zone 7a

Yellow and Orange are my two favorite daylily colors. You have some real pretty ones and I'm so glad you got your computer back up in order to show them to us.....Maryl

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cavamarie(z8b/9a FL)

You just made me shop for Glorious Autumn...and I dont even like doubles!

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Always glad to be an enabler !! Merry Christmas!!

PS Glorious Autumn truly is wonderful. Here's another pic of it.

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Yup, cavamarie: thanks to floota, now I want a bunch of David's doubles. I'm not sure I can even grow them well. I still want them!

floota, I scream, you scream, we all scream for SCREAMCICLE!

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Now I want Glorious Autumn and the tet "Crablegs". And I dearly love oranges, so there is plenty of contrast to my pins and purples. Love this post, Thanks, Floota.

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Julia NY(6)

GLORIOUS AUTUMN in the photo appears to show the same characteristics of how ALABAMA JUBILEE often shows here. Almost unnatural coloration but when you see it in person, you know it isn't the camera playing tricks.

The other strong orange I love is MAUNA LOA.

I agree, having oranges mixed in with other colors just makes the garden pop with color.


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Maryl zone 7a

That picture of Glorious Autumn is just beautiful. Since we are talking orange and since I have Champagne taste as the old saying goes, check out Don Eller's Tennessee Dreaming intro for 2013. The clump shot in particular is amazing. The person in the background really makes the height and fullness of the double blooms pop.......Maryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Tennessee Dreaming 2013 Eller

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That is gorgeous ( actually the double is Nancy's.) I believe they are originally from TN. You have excellent taste, Maryl.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Glorious Autumn is very pretty indeed! Mauna Loa is too!

Gosh I miss summer.

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