Double River Wye

marricgardensDecember 31, 2013

I thought I'd asked this before but if I did I can't find my old post so I apologize if this is a repeat performance. A few years ago I was going to buy DRW. The nursery owner asked me why I would want that one when there were so many nicer ones out there. She said DRW never did grow very well for her and it flowered for such a short time, I believed her so didn't buy it then but now I'm wondering. I've thought it might be a warmer climate daylily so I looked it up on ATP and it is hardy to -40. If there is anyone who lives in a colder zone, 5a or lower, and has this one, could you please let me know how well it does for you? BTW, I just checked her site and now she has it listed at $5/pot. Thanks. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Marg

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Julia NY(6)

I don't think I've seen any negative remarks about it on my forum hop around the internet. Many people do not want yellows but I love them. They add a bit of contrast.
I, for one, love DRW and it grows great here and if anything survives our winters, especially this one we are experiencing this year, it is a keeper in my book.
I wish I could send you a double fan to try but since your in Canada it wouldn't be feasible. :-(.


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Thanks Julia. I like the soft yellow color and the form. How long does it flower for you? I was told not very long so I didn't bother to buy it. Now I wish I had. Your picture is beautiful! Marg.

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Julia NY(6)

According to my picture file for 2013 season, it starts blooming end of June and continued through end of July here in my garden.

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grass_lover(z5a IA)

Double River Wye does well in my zone 5a. It's even rebloomed the last couple of years which is rare for me. - It was planted in 2010, so has made it through a few winters.

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Great news! I'm also in Z5a. Thanks Marg

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I'm your neighbor to the south (Syracuse, NY area), but I'm still zone 5A. I planted Double River Wye two years ago. It put on a good show and even was a rebloomer for me! I bought it in a lot from the Lily Auction.

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