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Brandys_garden(6)April 25, 2014

I am jumping for joy... With my high loss rate this year, I was wondering if I should even be gardening at all. I didn't say anything on here but Luna Moth wasn't the only one that I put into a nursery pot and did my best to save. I also did so with Minuteman and PUD. Well, I am happy to inform you all that Minuteman is back and looking stunning! He is ready to go back into the pot. A smaller one, of course. But his margins are looking GREAT! He looks awesome. 4 out of the 6 eyes came through so far. His leaves look a little bit smaller but I guess that is to be expected?

Healthy roots emerging from nursery pot, how I know he's ready to go home!

Look at those stunning margins this year! So proud that I did it! I saved him!!

At least I know had the squirrels not gotten to Luna Moth, she might have made it, too. Oh, speaking of squirrels, they got into my Paul's Glory today, too. They didn't hurt him. They were looking for acorns and bugs. No progress yet on PUD. :(

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jadie88(7 MD)

Wow, what a beauty! If it had a rough time, it sure doesn't show.

I probably missed a thread with some background info...I don't quite get the timeline. When did you repot it? Is Pineapple Upside-down Cake looking that good?

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Looks great. One would never know he had suffered any.

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Well, all mine that were stagnating, I checked on. And a lot of them were rotted, the roots but a few of them, it hadn't reached the crown or all of the eyes yet. Luna Moth was the worst case. So I did to them what I did with Luna Moth. I took off the dead and rotted roots and Minuteman's roots were probably 75% lost. He was the least affected. I didn't see any soft rot set in his eyes or crown but I bleach cleaned him anyway. And after what happened to Luna Moth with the squirrels (he had pips by then but I wasn't sure what they would look like)... A neighbor across from me offered to put him and PUD inside under her grow light and see if that helped. Boy, did it ever!!! So this is about a week and a half under a grow bulb when he went in, he had about 3 inch pips.
PUD unfortuntately isn't showing any progress. I put F. Hycyanthia and Mama Mia under the grow bulb today to see if we can help them. I think they are losses though.
He doesn't have any frost damage... It's been an odd Spring it has either been really cold or really hot here and dry for the most part, we haven't really had a rainy April. They got some rain yesterday, though. But here is U. Albomarginata today. She is filling out and getting taller, too.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Gotcha. So, the middle two pictures must from when you first bought it? It's clearly been growing in that container for more than a month or so, that's what threw me.

I have a small little two-eye Minuteman a neighbor got in a bagged set...I'm a bit more enthusiastic about it after seeing yours! Very pretty.

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Um no? It's been in that nursery pot, I just looked up the date, about 3 weeks. It's only been under the grow light for a little over a week. It's not completely unfurled. But, the nursery pot is really small, one of the smallest they had but that's all they had at Walmart at the time to give me. So it took very little soil. It was mostly just roots, what was left of the roots, in the nursery pot. The roots were sticking out of the bottom but I sat it inside a small terra clay pot with soil on the bottom of it before I put it under the grow light.

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