The unknown hoya I mentioned.....

aveo5June 25, 2011

Th unknown hoya that I mentioned in my last post, is called 'Hoya Pottsi Chiang Mai'....thats the one with the huge leaves with yellow raised veins and white flowers with yellow centers. Does anyone grow this? Is it worth growing? I read that it isnt very fragrant,but the leaves are rather pretty. But i do like fragrance. Does anyone have pictures of it growing in their collection and could maybe share 1 or 2 pictures. Is the fragrance THAT light?

I know I am asking a lot in a few posts,but these names have me all confused, and I need to know if I am planning on buying the same plant,under different names. Thanks again.

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I don't have that variety but I like all Pottsi that I have come across. The main reason is because they grow really fast for me.


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I just got a cutting of potsii 'Chiang Mai' so mine is not big enough to really answer your questions, although I agree that it's pretty (obviously).

This is a good example of a Hoya that has received its name extension ('Chiang Mai') based on its point of collection, Chiang Mai, which is in northern Thailand. That limits the usefulness of the name as they're really just saying it's that Hoya pottsii found at such and such a location, so they can keep track of it for their research. This plant is very different from my Hoya pottsii 'McIlwraith Ra.' (IML 0022), which is from north Queensland, Australia. I think there is a lot of variety amongst pottsiis (something David could probably speak better to), but you have to be careful about how much you read into such names, since they're not claiming any distinctiveness other than location.

Also, bloom color can vary a lot depending on conditions, so don't depend on that too much either. My IML 0022 is said to bloom blue green, but others have reported it blooming yellow or white for them.

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This is one of the more succulent forms of Hoya pottsii because Chiang Mai is seasonally very dry so the plant has developed more succulent leaves as a survival strategy. I think this form of Hoya pottsii is well worth growing.


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