Favorite or Best White?

aunt_lou(Z5 OH)December 28, 2008

I am new to this forum but my garden pen pal from GW has really gotten me interested in the "fancy" daylilies. I was lurking here and saw Marietta's mentioned and fell in love with their site and was working on an order but they had so many lovely whites that intrigued me. I was especially looking for diamond dusting if possible and the whiter the better. White Perfection looked interesting---as did Newberry White Dove, Gentle Shepherd, and Newberry White Glitter. I love the look of the ruffled whoppers! Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. :)

aunt lou

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Jackarias(10 So.Calif.)

Gentle Shepherd is still the whitest daylily I know of. The best white I have seen is H. RONALD REGAN by Frank Smith.

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My whites are only double fans so I don't know how fantastic they will be as clumps. I love all three: Victorian Lace, Last Snowflake, and Heavenly angel Ice.


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Cindy zone 6a

Glad this came up. I'm looking to add to my whites. I have the classic Joan Senior and I really like Lime Frost, mostly because it is a later bloom. I also have White Ice. Yes, Pres. Ronald Reagan is a stunner. I hope others will post pics. I am planning on buying the following if anyone has any info, (like or dislike) let me know.
Key Lime Ice
White Temptation
Gentle Shepherd
Monica Marie
Artic Snow
Heidi Eidelweiss
Jolly White Giant
Alpine Snow
Early Snow
And finally, Is Peggy Jeffcoat white? Silly Question maybe , but I have seen pictures and descriptions that are stating it is pink. It looks white to me.


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Maryl zone 7a

"Joan Senior" is an oldie but certainly still worth my limited garden space. Another one that Marietta has that I've researched and found to be well thought of is "Early Snow". Of course I suspect Debra will chime in with "Last Snowflake". I haven't seen mine bloom yet, but "Green Mystique" I think will turn out to be more white then green and it ranks pretty high on most daylily popularity polls.

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So far the best white I have is Royal Frosting. Don't have a pick of it or I would post it.

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I grow Gentle Shepherd, Hedi Eidelweiss, and Ice Carnival. All are excellent garden plants for me. Ice Carnival made a spectacular clump in shade among tree roots and Gentle Shepherd surprised me by reblooming *twice* last summer.

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Here's my photo of Victoria Lace from Cottage Garden Daylilies when I visited there. It rained all morning and the sun finally came out a little bit before taking this photo in the afternoon. I suspect it would of been a tad whiter by then if there had been no rain, but you can see the rain didn't affect the quality of the bloom.


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Cindy zone 6a

I should add this. On my pic of Joan Senior, the bloom on the left was on it's second day!!!!. This DL frequently did that. also, my cat Sweetums is behind the flowers on that same pic and I didn't even notice that until I posted it here.


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aunt_lou(Z5 OH)

Oh, Wow!!! Thanks for all of the responses! Especially the pics! Love them!

Cindy: Is Sweetums a Tortoiseshell? Cute kitty! I think I might have Joan Sr. There was a white daylily here when we moved here and it looks very much like your Joan.

Remy & Edward: I am sooo glad that I have ordered Victorian Lace! Gorgeous! I read so much about it on this forum that I knew I had to have that one!

I am having fun looking all of these up! ---- some I never heard of before. I can see that I am going to have a hard time picking out just one ------ or even two! I think the pretty white daylilies will be nice here and there in between colors---kind of make them stand out more. Anyways---think it will be a nice look.

I saw that Ronald Reagan one on some site and loved it ---but a bit too pricey for me this year. :( Maybe it will come down after awhile.

Thanks to all who have shared their favorites with me. I hope more will post and add pics! :)

aunt lou

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I grow two whites, Lime Frost and White Temptation. (Well, I also grow Double Old Ivory, which is classed as a white, but isn't at all.) Of the two, White Temptation is probably the whiter of the two - at least to my eye - Lime Frost seems to have a lot of yellow in it. White Temptation has a touch of apricotish orange, but not a lot.

White Temptation is taller, has larger, sturdier flowers, and increases faster. It also seems to be infertile, has to be deadheaded because it doesn't shed old blooms, and has rattier foliage.


I love them both and don't know if I could pick a favorite because they both have good and bad points.

Hope this helps,

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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

Cindy: I would consider Peggy Jeffcoat a near white if you want to consider it as white. I have had it for a number of years and it always has pink or lavender overtone. However, it is one of the best double diploids I have and it does throw very nice seedlings.

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Cindy zone 6a

Aunt Lou, yes Sweetums is a torty, you have a good eye. She's a rescue and lives up to her name. I see you are also in Ohio, anywhere near Youngstown or Warren? There is a great amish run DL farm in Middlefield, Ohio.
Well, I'm certainly ordering Peggy Jeffcoat, Virgo 45, thanks so much for the picture, you can see the pink overtone, but your comments are invaluable and you are in the 'cold' also. I also have a few more to look up.


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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

Two more favorite near whites are Last Snow Flake and First Knight:


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shive(6b TN)

I definitely agree with the three Virgo recommended. These are also very nice ones in my garden.


GREEN MYSTIQUE is very nice too, but more of a yellow cream than a white in my garden.



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White Perfection is the whitest white in my garden, good branching and high bud count. Strong heavy scapes. This may change next summer when Preident Ronald Reagan, Last Snow Flake or Great White bloom.
However, Peggy Jeffcoat is my all time favorite white, what a beautiful flower. It never has a bad hair day. Mike.

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These are my whitest:





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aunt_lou(Z5 OH)

okbt: Love those pictures! Gentle Shepherd looks so sweet---I am definitely putting him on my list---and I love the ruffles on Alpine Snow! Either of these have any diamond dusting?

Cindy: Nope, not anywhere near Youngstown. We are on the other side of the state near Dayton and Springfield area.

Thanks so much for all the great pictures shive, virgo45, jeanne, oktb, & remy. Thanks, Mike, for the info on White Perfection. That will definitely stay on my want list!

aunt lou

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I thought I would add pictures of the three I mentioned earlier.

Heavenly Angel Ice

Last Snowflake - this is a big one.

Victorian Lace - the picture is not the best as it was taken on a rainy day.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Here are a few of the favorite near whites in my garden. All photos taken in my garden.
Arctic Lace is the whitest of the ones I grow.

Eloquent Silence is whiter than this photo shows. This photo was taken with an older camera that I had.

I also grow Joan Senior and Ice Carnival which are two great near whites. Also, some near whites with different eyezones are Celebration of Angels and Moonlit Masquerade. Both of which are wonderful performers in my garden.

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Jan, your picture of Victorian Lace is beautiful. I have seen it looking that nice but not yet in my garden. Maybe it will in 2009. I have been on the lookout for Arctic Lace but haven't found it at a good enough price yet. Does it look as good for the initial bloom as I don't get much rebloom here?


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Edward, last season for the first in my garden for AL and each bloom from the 1st until the last rebloom, was spectacular. I am so pleased with it that I can't say enough about it. :) It will be heavily used this season in my hybridising efforts, that's for sure! VL is always beautiful and I have several seedlings from it already that I'm watching and more that will hopefully bloom this year. Maybe I'll have more white seedling photos to share after this season. :)

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I think ALPINE SNOW is DD,more so than the others.

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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

I really like Last Snowflake, perhaps
when the price goes down, kinda steep!
Aunt Lou, thank's for starting this Post !
I love White's too :)
Best, Olga

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