Locally found Hoyas (common, but nice)

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)June 30, 2011

Hi Folks,

I'm not in a position to do mail order as many of you are, so I'm making the best of what I find locally.

I believe I showed a pic of this Hoya KQ before (for its great leaf variability), but check out the heart shaped leaf it sprouted. Maybe 'cause it's across from a Kerrii, just kidding.

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Oh, that's cute, Karen! I think it's an "I love my owner" leaf! At least that's what I always tell myself when I get one on a Hoya that usually has pointed tips. I don't quite know what to think of the leaf on my macgillivrayii that looks like a forked tongue!!

Ssss...devil plant!

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Another shot of the above (earlier, before the heart shaped leaf appeared). I especially like the cupped, variegated w/ white leaf (roughly 9 o'clock position).

Here's another whose ID I'l like to learn.

I have no idea what kind of Hoya this is except to say it doesn't look or feel like any kind of Carnosa. It's not fleshy or succulent to the touch. The leaves are flat, feel a bit leathery, but thin to the touch.

For lack of a better name, I call it Hoya Ficus Benjamina, 'cause that's what it reminds me of.

Ain't she lovely?

Take a look at the irregularly shaped leaf it sprouted, kind of shaped luck a duck's foot.

Oops, sorry for the glare, but you can see the leaf shape I mean.

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That is really strange! In the pictures it does look a lot like a regular carnosa, but you're right those thin leaves are weird. I am not an expert so I have no idea what to tell you, lol.

I am currently limiting myself to local hoyas too. I haven't exhausted the supply yet though. I just bought a compacta regalis with very regular variegation. All the leaves just have a thin rim of white... except for one tiiiny perfectly white leaf. :D
I thought I had picked kind of a boring plant, but I guess whenever it does do something different (and come on, it's bound to..) it will be that much more exciting.

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PG, out of curiosity, how many varieties have you found locally? I have also been relying on those I can find around here until I figure out whether they will tolerate my growing conditions. I found 5 varieties and one called a lipstick plant, which I mistook for a hoya (an EA plant and may have been mislabeled). This summer all I can find is either ferns or ivies.

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LOL I'm loving the odd shaped leaf photos. My obscura white form has a forked tongue, too, and when I picked it up last night I had to laugh because I had your "Hisssss" fresh in my mind.

I feel a lot better at the suggestion that heart shaped leaves are "I love my owner" leaves too, because I always feel like I did something wrong when my plants come up with these. Of course, mine is on my buotii, which I'm pretty sure does not love its owner. I've had to reroot it twice now. ._.'

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Hi everyone,

I know I asked this favor before but, time is coming and I'm going to LA next month..... I've been looking for hoyas there, but can't find any nursery that at least know the plant! I'vew been calling all the nurserys I found on google but no one seems to know what hoya is. Does any one knows if it is really difficult to find hoyas there? Can any one help me please? Thank you very much for any assistance you may give me! Mitzi

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Mitzicos,

I'm going to skip your question here abt LA as I see it's been dealt w/ on other threads. Have a great time in LA when you travel.

Hi Bama,

Well, just tonight I was in my local HD & saw a few ordinary KP or, since it had the red stems, they sometimes call that Hoya carnosa rubra. I saw some green H. compactas tonight as well.

At a local (much closer to home) HD type store, like oversize hardware store, I usually see some Green Carnosa, once saw a Polyneura (fishtail Hoya) but left it behind as it had mealy.

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