Papaya gets distorted leaves

subtrop(10b)October 4, 2012

This started almost at the same time on 2 plants, 1 4 feet, other at 2 feet. A neighbor has tree looking like that and we have a lot of ficus white flies around. I suspect a virus. Anyone knows what this is and if there's a possible treatment other than getting rid of the plant?

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Here's another pic. I don't notice any mosaic pattern.

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This might be papaya ringspot virus, which is bad news. I would check for aphids, other sapsuckers, or mites first... If you don't see evidence of it, then virus is likely. You could bring a leaf to the extension office to be sure.

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No aphids, but ladybugs....will check for mites. The neighbors tree was showing the same shoestring leaves, but today I noticed a new normal leave.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

I observed similar on my papayas in the past & sometimes they outgrew it. I thought it was something caused by sucking insects - either direct damage or a virus or a combo?

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Thanks for the input. I found different sucking insects under the leaves, more on the older ones and not the new distorted one though. But I sprayed it with soap and oil and at least that killed most of the white flies on them.

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