Wild potato vine?

echobellyOctober 28, 2012

This vine is growing all along the edge of my property (it would take over if I didn't keep it mowed back). A neighbor said it's a wild potato vine. I did a search and aren't convinced, as that vine has white morning glory type flowers. I've never seen a flower on this vine. The fruit grows along the stems and varies in size from a pea to a baking potato. Does anyone know what this actually is, and is the fruit edible?

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sure looks like a potato vine

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tryinginfla9b(9B North Port, FL)

It's an 'Air Potato', extremely fast growing invasive species that rapidly takes over wooded areas. The wild variety growing in Florida is toxic. There has been a lot of discussion of different preparations to leach out the toxins for eating, but I would not risk it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia article

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Air Potato vines would cover the chain link fences of a Central Florida place that I rented and made the back yard look pretty exotic, compared to the Wintertime, when they practically disappear.

I much prefer Crossvine. It keeps its leaves year round in most places and might produce more flowers per square foot than any other plant.

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That's it, Air Potato! Thanks! I have to admit I like how it looks, but quickly realized how invasive it is. It's growing on the back of the property line, all on my neighbor's side. I mow right up to the fence line to keep it back, and pull any shoots that make their way into the garden. A search gave mixed results on it's edibility, so I'm not going to risk it.

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been in this house 13 years and still fighting it!

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I called all out war on potato vines in my yard last year. I picked and pulled continually for a year. Always the spuds went into the trash. So far it has worked. One of my neighbors has a big one growing in a 100 foot tree about 75 feet from my yard. All it will take is a good blow and I will have to go back to war. As far as edibility, we used to have a yard rabbit that would chew on them with no apparent adverse effects.

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I made the mistake a couple of years ago of picking up bags of leaf litter a neighbor kept putting out, mostly pine needles. I used it to mulch the front of the yard where I had pulled up the sod and planted native bushes. I noticed there were some bulbs in it and was curious what wonderful plant would sprout from them. After the first rain, there were little tendrils sprouting all over the place. The guy across the street told me they called them wild potato and if I left them they would take over everything. I pulled and pulled and pulled. I'm still finding new sprouts every once in a while, but I'm determined they don't get established.

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This is not a good thing to have. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and declare war ASAP!

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judyk_2008(9 DeLeon Sprs)

I agree you are fighting a never ending battle. My neighboring property is wooded and covered with it. I can keep it out the grass, but the squirrels spread the potatoes so the vines keep popping up under trees in my yard. Between those vines and wild grapes, you can't even see my fence. Those vines grow so fast, my brother parked a box trailer about 5 ft. from my fenceline. In less than a month, they were climbing over it.

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