Hoya's in North windows

golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)June 17, 2011

Hey I was just wondering if any of you grow your hoyas - or any hoya for that matter in North windows... Im sort of running out of windows and I was thinking I still have the ensuite - which would probably be good because of the humidity - but the windows face north... Do any of you grow them north and if so which varities? (have they done well there?)

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I have 3 varieties of lacunosa, a DS-70, a lobbii, a multiflora, an imperialis, a diversifolia, 2 varieties of pubicalyx, a globulosa, a Mathilde, a Chouke, and a merrillii, and they are all growing like weeds in that window. 2 of the lacunosas(Royal Flush and var. lacunosa) have not stopped flowering since I put them there.

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Hoyor prescribes North windows for many of the australises, so I stuck all mine in a bright North window from last August until around March of this year.

I realize that the australises vary in temperament, but what I had at the time was a tenuipes, a ssp. australis and a few concerning which I didn't feel confident of the purchase id (although they are certainly australis... something.)

They grew a bit during this period, but are doing much much better now that I've moved them under grow lights. So, I guess my verdict is: if you don't care how fast they grow, they will be okay, but it's nothing impressive. I have 180+ species and the australises and engleriana are the only ones that I have researched that anyone has said were good in Northern light.

Hope someone else here has better news!

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

I have lobbii and multiflora in my kitchen window and they both do well! Couple of carnosa varieties in my bathroom window - they only do ok, but they're pretty neglected. Have a garden window in the dining room with lacunosa, serpens, fitchii, caudata, Iris Marie, fusca, praetorii- all of which are doing well, too! Do think the garden window probably gets a little more light than the other northen windows though.

Good luck!

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My goodness! You guys are having a lot of success. I was thinking about growing my praetorii in a northern exposure b/c that's what I have at my office and it is very unobstructed and bright for a north window.

I happened to unpack praetorii at that location and I figured I'd teach my office mates a lesson about sticking their noses up at my boring hoya obsession. Of course, if it never blooms in that light, I'll be proving their point...

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I only have 2 in north windows, carnosa and lacunosa, but the lacunosa blooms nonstop, so I take that to mean it is happy with its location.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Thanks you guys for your replies - gives me a few ideas - on what to buy next :0)

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I have caudata and sheperdii both in my north kitchen window and they both grow well and also flower there too.

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I have my carnosa and a wayetti in northern windows. Both do very well, but don't flower (yet), which is fine. A couple months ago, I put one of my new rooted fungii cuttings next to my carnosa and it's growing nicely. I also grow 2 Phalenopsis orchids (which bloom faithfully every year), and another orchid whose name escapes me right now (though it's supposed to have "high light" to bloom and yet does in my north exposure...)

Oops! Tornado warning! (If you're watching the CWS, you know...) Gotta run & check out the storm!

Denise in Omaha

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