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ravensfan52(6)April 28, 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a hosta nursery about 40 minutes away, in York Springs PA.It is called the Hosta Hideaway. It is a personal residence, with the backyard turned into beautiful display gardens and pathways on a tiered hillside. The owners are very friendly, helpful, and you can tell they love their business. Here are a few shots from the nursery, then I will show you what I bought:

This was a new one for 2013, called Ripple Effect. I did not buy it but took a pic to show you all as it looked pretty neat.

OK, here is what I got. Most all of them were on my wish list, and 2 new ones "spoke to me" while I was there :) The pics show most of them planted from when I got home:


Summer Breeze

First Frost - will go in a pot under the J. maple:


Regal Splendor

Touch of Class

Cascades (this was an impulse buy)

Blue Ivory (will be next to Blue Angel)

Dick Ward

Rhino Hide (my other impulse buy)

Paradise Island - the yellow on this one is electrifying!!
It will go in a pot in a shady area by the house.

Dance with Me

I also got Queen of the Seas and June Fever, but the pics didn't upload correctly. They all are smaller divisions, but I am fine with that. I was also given a free hosta, Loyalist, which was a very nice surprise. There were 2 other hostas that my eye kept wandering to, but I didn't get them due to budget. One was Marilyn Monroe and the other was Chain Lightning. I don't have pics, but google them! Anyway, thought you'd like to see the haul :) Here's to a warmer week for everyone...

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I don't know how shady the spot is that you have planned for Paradise Island, but a light hosta like that would like more sun.


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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Wow I bet that was a fun trip! There is place like that ab out 30 miles from my house...I NEED to get down there and check it out!

You bought some very nice selections, many of them are on my wish list too. I bought Ripple effect and First Frost last year and today I went to the local nursery and picked up a nice Sagae, Queen of the Seas and Neptune. I would love to find a Blue Ivory and Atlantis.

Linda :)

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Nice haul. Thanks for sharing your experience. I like to know about these special spots so I can visit when I travel.


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Nice group of hosta you picked up. I encourage you to keep a spot in your gardens for some solids, they help showcase the variegated ones.

Thanks for sharing.


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I am jealous of that little field trip ! What a sight..

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Babka NorCal 9b

Extremely successful shopping trip!


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Pretty looking place, thanks for taking the time to share! we absolutely love these little private places and seek them out. we got our ripple effect from the originator at his gardens 2 years ago when we were visiting Lisik Gardens. Phil and Ginger caught me looking longingly at one of the private greenhouses and graciously invited me in for a look. one of several great private gardens to visit in Michigan! K Gardens just south of Grand Rapids MI is a MUST see, and where e find the best value. It's only 90 miles south of us, so we go ar least twice a year. north of us in Interlochen Michigan is cedar hedge gardens by Donna. don't mistake it for the other one in interlochen which is nowhere near as good

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