Supporting a Hoya

easternsierraJune 23, 2013

Our Hoya (probably kerrii) is growing off of its bamboo support stake and we wonder if you all might have experience with the best way to support a Hoya in a greenhouse? We could put it on a small trellis or train it up into a corner or other ideas you might have. Thanks and happy growing!

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Look at my post below this one and see what I used.Do you have a way of using one of those kinds of shelves in your greenhouse??

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Beautiful display, Kathi, and thanks for the suggestion. It is always more fun to use something like your shelf that has some character!



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Chris uses chains, and that seems to work pretty well. He has a lot of Eriostemmas, which aren't nearly as woody as kerrii, but still tend to grow very up and straight, so it's a similar scenario.

Source: penfold's Photobucket

Here's one link, I know there are more threads where he posted pictures, but I can't find them atm. Anyway, I like that method.

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