Hoya montana

Harrison871June 30, 2011

Hello everyone. I am new here and was wondering if anyone had any information on a hoya montana.

I bought this hoya last x-mas and have just repotted it. ( which I don't think was a very good idea). the new growth that was growing is now turning yellow :(.

Anyway back on topic, it is a young plant and is fizzy all over, from leaves to stem. I was wondering what sort of care I should be giving it. I have tried looking it up on the net, but can never find that whole plant just the flowers it may produce. (no flowers yet from mine). I also have a few over cutting from a hoya publicalix(sp) and they seem to be doing great. I don't want to kill this beautiful fizzy hoya. Any help would be great!

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I purchased mine as a cutting from a Hawaian vendor a little over a year ago and it is just now starting to send out growth. My montana, however, is not fuzzy at all. I wonder if one of us received a mislabeled plant. Since it started to grow, I've been keeping it a bit moist, not letting it completely dry out, and it is sitting in a Minnesota SE window with no supplemental light. Hope this helps.


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It is true, Hoya montana is not fuzzy. You can see in the description I've linked below that the leaves are glabrous (smooth). Also, I've bought this plant twice (2nd time's the charm!) and both cuttings were entirely smooth. Maybe if you post a picture we can give you some ideas on what it might be.

As for the other matter, it's not too bad a sign if new growth dies when you repot a Hoya. Obviously it's disappointing, but not really a sign that the plant is in trouble, just that you've shocked it a bit and it nixed the new growth. This sort of thing can happen even if you let it dry out too much while the growth is fresh. I'd just keep an eye on it and it will probably put out some new growth soon if all is well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya montana (Hoyor)

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GG...I bet ya a cutting she's got AH0240 instead of montana. Now, bear in mind, that is a sight unseen guess . . . but . . .juuuuuust maybe! Or an eriostemma... but my bet is still on AH0240

Can't wait to see a pic!


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Oh man Carolyn. We're betting cuttings now? An excellent proposition. Every time one of us has a NoID, we should all stake cuttings and whoever comes out with the right bet, wins the pot.

I was thinking some kind of australis or calycina - I'd never heard of AH0240, but now that you point it out, it does seem like an excellent candidate. Eriostemmas too, are so obviously fuzzy. Or how about albiflora? It has pubescent vines, doesn't it?

The fuzzy is a good clue, Harrison, especially as both the leaf and stem are pubescent. Is it fuzzy on both sides of the leaf? I hope you aren't too disappointed you don't have montana, but I'm sure whatever plant you DO have, is just as beautiful. ^_^

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Well, GG . . . I guess when my plant gets bigger, I'll need to send you a piece of AH0240 ;)


(And I love the whole throwing cuttings in the pot on bets . . . if it's not against forum rules :P )

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I will diff get a picture up ASAP. I believe that the leaf is fuzzy on both sides. Though I will check first thing when I get home. The lady I bought it from said that it would have yellow flowers. (thats why I origanally bought it). I just I'll have to wait and see what type of flowers it will give me. will love it no matter what flowers though.
by the way what is the full name of AH0240?

thanks so much

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The full name of AH0240 is Hoya AH0240! hahaha That's it, as far as I know.


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ok that did work lets try this

ok so it worked. As you can see the leaves are all fuzzy as well as the stem. I love that its all fuzzy

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Its similar to H. Ciliata and a bit H calycina, its very pretty.

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NOT AH0240. Hmmm . . . looks ALOT like my 'optimistic', which is an eriostemma.


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thanks ya'll for that help. I am really excited to find out what flowers I get. Any idea at how long it will take a cutting to produce flowers?

Now that I think about it, I also bought a different cutting from the same vender this past may. She said that It was a publicalyx(sp), but after finding out I don't have a montana, I'm wondering if it really is a publicalyx. It have smooth, glossy dark green leaves with white spects. This one is also growing like a weed :P I'll post some pictures later so that I can get a comfirmation.

I also have another cutting from my mother hard to describe but I have pictures of the buds/flowers and the plant she took it from.


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For your Eriostemma (whichever one it may be) grow in in pretty bright light. Mine LOVES the East window. And try not to move it. They don't like to be moved around much, if at all. Add a bit of calcium to your potting mix, and water FREQUENTLY. They are VERY thirsty plants. ;)

Your pubicalyx "sounds" like it's really a pubicalyx ...but a picture would help. :)

Hope this helps!


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Ok long awaited pictures of the of my other cuttings.
original plant

the flower

the cutting

My publicalyx
(I hope)

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Sure looks like a pubicalyx to me!


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Looks like pubycalyx to me too. Nice looking beautiful healtyy, shiny leaves. I find that pubycalyx grows very fast. I had four different ones, but most froze last winter. I rescued a stem from each and now they are really starting to grow. In fact the 'purple hybrid' just bloomed on one lonely peduncle.

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Very Pretty! I can't wait until I get flowers!

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