Simpson Stopper - Twinberry

Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, FOctober 5, 2012

Has anyone grown these from seed? In a pot? I was thinking of planting these on the north side of my house, but after talking to my Extension Office, I learned that they might not do as well as I would hope since I'm in 9a. Especially given that they're forecasting a 'cold and wet' winter this year. So I have 10 seeds sitting in a little packet that won't be used as I had thought.

Looking up instructions on germination of Simpson Stopper, it's pretty straight forward and easy. "Direct sow in the ground in autumn." That's it. Very, very simple. But since we're looking at a 'cold and wet' winter and since I'm at the very northern edge of their range, I would like to get them started in pots and maybe plant them to somewhere on the southern or eastern side side of my house come springtime. Since the suggested germination process is so simple, I would imagine that it would be just as simple in a pot. But is there anything I should take into account for starting them in pots versus in-ground? I know that the pots will get colder than the ground and so I will have to protect them on cold nights and possibly even bring them indoors. But is there anything else?

As always, thank you for your help!

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Haven't grown them in a pot. Mine self-sowed this year and I had a gazillion seedlings that sprouted about a month ago when it was very warm and wet. That said, any time you grow anything, it's an experiment - give it a shot and if you succeed, you can crow about it! :-)

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