Berry Cordial Questions

decemberdaisySeptember 13, 2011

I'm sitting here surrounded by 4 quart jars of raspberry cordial. I was given some strawberry last year as a gift and I liked it so much that I got the recipe to try making some myself. I made strawberry & raspberry this summer. The thought occurred to me that although the ingredients are berries (washed), sugar and vodka I should probably a. make sure that it's safe, and b. see if anyone else has made it & can therefore answer some questions.

Last year my cordial had zero sediment in it. My friend assured me that the recipe she gave me is the exact one she used, except this year I'm finding some gelatinous sediment in the bottom of my jars. It resembles mother of vinegar and strains out just fine. Any thoughts on that?

Here is the recipe:

1 lb berries; larger berries chopped

1 quart vodka

Put berries in a clean glass jar. Pour 1 quart vodka on top of the berries. Put a tight fitting lid on your jar and place in a cool, dark place for a week.

After the week has passed, strain your vodka into a second clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Mix the berries with 2 cups of sugar and place that mixture in another clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Place both jars in a cool, dark place for a month. Shake the jar with the berries in it occasionally (the sugar eventually dissolves into the juice from the berries).

Strain the berries again and add the liquid to the vodka and mix well. Leave the vodka mixture for 4 to 6 months before consuming. The longer it sits the better the flavor.

I plan on giving this as gifts (provided it's safe) & made enough to last us quite a while. Last year we enjoyed it mixed with champagne on New Year's Eve. :) Thanks for your help!

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I make country wines from various fruits, at the moment I have 5 gallons of plum on the go.
Pectin is your enemy, adding fruit to Vodka it will precipitate out leaving a cloudy look. I would suggest you try the wine making store for Pectin haze eliminator.
Quite harmless, I doubt bacteria will grow in a Vodka liquid.

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That's PECTIN! Ohhhhhh, makes so much sense. Thanks!

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

My cordial recipe combines everything from the beginning.
Berries/fruit, vodka, sugar and a little water in a gallon jar.

It sits for 1-2 months and gets a shake whenever I think about it. Strain and bottle.
Oh so sweet, but delicious!

Would love to hear from through gardenweb mail about the country wine process, but don't want steal this thread.
Please email me!


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