Acorns As Compost?

brute(Florida 9B)October 29, 2010

There are 9 large old oak trees around my place, and around this time of year the acorns fall like rain. If I hadn't had a tree service trim the limbs above my house last year, the constant rainlike racket on my roof and the filling of my rain gutters would have driven my insane by now.

When I walk barefoot under the trees, I can feel nothing but acorns. The squirrels, woodpeckers, and flocks of grackles are trying to keep up, but they're hardly making a dent.

A strange thought just occurred to me. I could easily scoop up several wheelbarrows full of acorns and deposit them into the compost pile. If I did, would they turn into something useful?

Seems like an organic resource worth exploiting.

Any opinions?

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Does the phrase "Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow" mean anything to you?

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Not a good idea, unless you grind them up first. I've tried a couple of things.

1) put them into a black plastic pot lined with screen so none escaped, covered, and left to sit until the bugs ate them.

2) put them into a double black plastic bag and let them sit until they rotted.

Both too much trouble. Now I just gather them into a paper bag and put them into the yard waste. I have enough seedlings already.

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johnjsr(9A DeLand)

One year there were so many in the street, crushed by the traffic, that I got out my bagging mower and vacumned them up for the compost pile. I know my neighbors thought I was crazy, mowing the street, but they do make a good compost.

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1. Put acorns in deer.

2. Put deer in freezer.

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Hmmmm... I put acorns in my John Deere and now it don't run.


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works. but be ready to pull out lots of baby trees. Grinding first sounds like a solution.

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