Sebright Hostas Order Came Today...

don_in_coloradoApril 24, 2014

Here are the five I ordered getting a drink in a 5-gallon bucket. Nice root systems with divisions of mature plants attached to them. The shipping box was beaten to a pulp and had a dozen snapped petioles among four plants, with 'Sea Monster' escaping any damage at all. No huge deal, they'll be just fine. It's not Sebright's fault, they were well-packaged. In the bucket:


Thanks for the recommendation, FlowerFrenzy! They are absolutely worth ordering from again in the future. Very large inventory of hostas (LOTS of ferns, too).

Don B.

P.S. Mocc, the big leaf at 10 o'clock belongs to 'Sweet Standard'...They sent a huge piece! : )

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Don, it looks like you received some nice plants despite the bad treatment by the post office. I will have to check out Sebright and see what else I NEED LOL.

I am not familiar with the hosta you ordered so I am off to google them.

Linda :)

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Don, the Sweet Standard is a great addition. Lucky you to get such a specimen. I repotted mine today into a new pot and new soil, it was not doing its best.

If your order came today, I wonder when mine will ship? Guess I should call and ask? Things are beginning to pop in the nurseries these days! My order included Seventh Heaven which is a hard to find fragrant.....and Wylde Green Cream ...and Sweet Thing (sport of So Sweet) plus a couple more not going to mention just now. They'll be leafed out on arrival, so photos will follow immediately.

Thanks for showing us your trophies.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Nice selections! Sea Monster reminds me a bit of my 'cloudburst.' Love the texture.

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Thanks, Mocc. Just an FYI that I asked them to send it early. The gentleman I spoke with at Sebright said they normally ship early to mid-May, but would ship it early if I wanted, since their plants are up and growing.

Don B.

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Okay, then I might call them and ask for an earlier ship date. They would be better off to come before mid May.

Thanks for the report.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Nice root systems with divisions of mature plants attached to them.

===>>> really??? division.. rather than potted or uncut plant ???

if so.. there is no damage to complain if ...

in the day ... they used to snip off the leaves.. and send.. what looks like rooted grocery store plants ...

you bought future potential .... and you got it ... your excitement.. will be at reflush ...

i think you peeps have to be careful.. between comparing a potted ... or uncut full plant ... with fresh cut divisions ... and adjust your expectation accordingly ... a fresh cut division.. is all about buying.. a mature ROOT MASS ... as compared to what you can jam into a 2.25 inch pot ...

as to the shipper... what can i say.. they got you a live plant ... besides complaining ... which its too late.. since you took them out of the package ... what are your damages??? you dont like a couple leaves???

you got a great haul..


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