A Hoya Who Am I ?

Pots_AlotJune 26, 2013

Nice crisp sweet fragrance

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I don't know who it is,but it sure is a beauty.TFS

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Nice link thanks

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Wow that is a really pretty Bella. From what I can tell you have a large pot!! I don't grow this one, and alot of people say its hard to grow. Looks like you have it figured out!! Beautiful blooms!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very pretty (variegated) bella...I can't seem to grow this particular clone, I've killed a couple I've tried :o(

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

You & I Both Pug!! I've killed it 3 times at least, once for a whole pot of this variegate which a Hoya mentor GAVE me (sigh...)

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I think if you have a fairly cool, gentle growing environment, this plant doesn't give you too many problems. It just doesn't tolerate strong direct light and is sensitive to drought.

Maybe it just needs to be kept under your porch, Pug.

And in PG's freezer during the hot NY summer.

jk ;)

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I grow bella, both the regular and variegated like weeds. Seriously I have to cut them back a lot to keep them under control.

Hot months - shaded and moist.
Cooler months - direct sun and medium watering, I let it dry out well, and they stay outside down to freezing.

Basically the exact same conditions I give serpens and polyneura.

The only problem I have with the bellas are spider mites, they are serious magnets for them, but as long as I keep an eye on them for that, it's handleable.

I didn't get pics this year, they bloomed just as we were getting ready to move, but I know I've posted pics before. I'll try and find them on my site later and put them up.

So they will do well with hot months.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Renee,

May I pls. ask where in the US you live, I don't see from your Profile. Am wondering if that's not a lot of the difference, since you can keep yours outside, I'm strictly indoors, so it's tricky.

I'd always heard Spider mites are drawn to plants kept quite dry, could that be part of it.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

PG, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one...something about this Bella clone hates me and my growing conditions,lol...

GG, If I ever try this one again, I might try growing it inside my Fl room, its the closest to a porch I have :o)...the ones I've killed I grew it under my Oak trees where I grow the regular bella, that one does fine for me and blooms all the time...Go figure!

Renee, you are SO lucky to grow this one with very good results even though you are only a few hours North of me, it must like your slightly cooler winters...

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@ PG

She lives in the Florida panhandle, like Dee. I believe it's cooler there than other parts of Florida, although I don't really know what Floridians mean when they say "cool." Joni says people use fireplaces in the winter. Which, I guess is fair since there are Minnesotans with outdoor swimming pools. :P

Anyway, I think location is part of it, but Renee is also an exceedingly fastidious grower, imo.

@ Renee

Your strategy makes a lot of sense. Heat or sun but never too much of both at the same time. Probably your ability to keep them moist helps a lot.

@ Pug

I bet you could pull it off on your porch! That's interesting that you don't have problems with the standard bella, though.... But, what do I know? When plants don't give you trouble, you don't learn much!

This post was edited by greedyghost on Fri, Jun 28, 13 at 11:09

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

So true GG!

A former president of one of my plant societies used to say something like "if you haven't killed anything lately, you're not growing challenging enough plants'.

Somehow, it just didn't make me feel better having killed a STUNNING rosette style Sans w/ amazing cream stripes, broke my heart. Apparently I UNDER watered it & it shriveled up & died :

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I used to live in the panhandle, but coastal, so warmer in the winter than Dee. 5 miles makes a big difference when next to a large body of water. As I was born and raised up North,but have lived in various parts of the South for a while now, cool for me is about 40 - 50F, kind of a middle ground.

Now I'm down in SW Florida, so a few hours south of you now Pug. But haven't gone through a season here yet. Shoot, haven't gone through a month yet. Next time I'm heading through your area, if you want, I can drop off cuttings of my variegated one. Maybe it's heat tolerant now?

GG - fastidious ?? I had to look that one up :)


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