Alttara Scheer, another hybridizer and her hosta

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)April 5, 2014

I was looking at some of my hosta the last couple of days, and mentally noted some of those surging ahead with vigor were from Alttara Scheer. You can frequently find her introductions at Naylor Creek, but elsewhere as well.

The one which really stirred my soul was her Annabel Lee, new to me in 2013. Gary at Naylor suggested it, since I have a lot by Miss Alttara already.

So if you have any to picture here from this year or previously, chime in.

Annabel Lee taken this week

and also a view of the petioles beneath those leaves

Funky Monkey...I know other folks have this one, it goes through a lot of color changes

Stephan King is not registered so far, but appropriately it has bloody red petioles. First shot when it arrived because you can see the petiole color

and a few days ago as it emerges

Jaws....rippled and serrated leaf edges. Mine is getting there

Madam....she dominates the field here.

Maya Tritone is a chartreuse leaf that develops creamy streaks between the veins more pronounced as the season progresses. Here it is last July. I don't have a picture of her this year, must make a note to get one soon to document her color changes

Cold Heart has a bit of ice blue overlay in early spring, and it has a fairly large leaf. Another one I must look for to get an early spring photo.

I also have Boyz Toy and Scallion Pancakes. Love Boyz Toy, which she named for the Boyz at Naylor Creek. And, while I love Scallion Pancakes, it has given me much trouble growing. If anyone has pictures of those and any others please share with us. Thanks.

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Great pics, Mocc. Pretty much all of these varieties you have look like great plants. Another one from Scheer I like a lot (do not own one) is 'Fleet Week', a 'Niagara Falls' hybrid. It's a large/X-large. Please do grace us with more pics of these plants as the season continues, I'd love to see how they will look in the coming weeks/months.

Don B.

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I missed Fleet Week as being by Alttara, so thanks for the information Don.

As for updating the pictures, yes, I will be pleased to do so. I must also update on my Stuart Asch photos, since all are up and really fine looking now. Somewhere there is a thread devoted to Stuart Asch that I will track down and add the new photos to the old ones.

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I especially love that 'Annabel Lee'. Quite beautiful. And 'Madame' looks as bright as can be!

Don B.

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I like Shimmy Shake:


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Yikes, I forgot all about Shimmy Shake! Holds those leaves almost horizontally with ruffles dancing. Nice, Vanessa!

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A great hybridizer choice Mocc. I love her plants. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing Annabell Lee as it opens this year. Below are some the same (because they are favorites) and others not mentioned. Terpischore is a must have for anyone that loves the shiny greens. I'll be watching your Stephen King mature since it's been on and off my list along with Major Tom. They look interesting but I haven't seen a picture that's sold me on them quite yet.

showing the hint of blue in the leaf

For size comparison

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