Ok GG, you asked for it!

tigerdawn(7)June 18, 2011

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That is one sweetie! Give us some details... what's his(? her?) name? Breed? (My gut says a Dane w/o clipped ears??) How old? What a cutie! Love the one with the kitty door around his neck - you must have ROFLAO! And that last photo... "I'm so jeaous of that kitty I'm just gonna sit here and sulk!"

Denise in Omaha

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

LOL- these pictures are great! My older dog is constantly trying to shove himself through the cat door, too! I can't imagine how you got the cat door off (of how your dog got it on!)! Did you do training at PetSmart (the one picture looks like their training area)?

Thanks for the smile!


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Tuvok is a male Great Dane. We got him when he was 9 months old. His birth family thought he had a good home because they had a dane before, but as it turns out, he was abused, neglected, had no toys, bad food, and spent the winter outside (bad for danes; really thin fur). So the birth mom went and got him back and listed him on Craigslist. I have experience with abused dogs so I brought him home. At his first training class he tried to sit on my lap the whole time. By the end he was the star of the class! His goal in life is to cuddle. No, you can't have him. ;-)

Here's DH's kitten, Bones. We got him from the shelter in December. We think he's part Ragdoll because he is big, fluffy, talkative, gregarious, and purrs even when you just look at him. He's the sweetest cat I've ever known (and I've known many cats).

On the other end of the spectrum is my cat, Lilly. I got her from a friend who brought home a cat from the shelter, they said she was spayed, then she had kittens. Lilly is the first animal that is mine. She is my baby girl. I am her mommy. If you try to touch her she will eat you. And no, I'm not exaggerating. She is evil and we call her Lillibutt. And I love her dearly!!

This is a Lillyhat.

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Those are some GREAT pictures! Beautiful furry family!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

GREAT Pictures TD!! What a beautiful dog and the kitties are adorable! Thanks for sharing your pictures...

BTW, WOW!! I can't get over how long your hair is!! Amazing!

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I had a feeling - I don't think I've ever really seen a Dane w/o his ears cropped, but I always thought it sounded cruel and said if I ever had one, I wouldn't want that done. But I was never sure how their natural ears looked. Now I know they are absolutely adorable! Is it pronounced "Too-vawk"? Interesting name!

Your kitties are sweet, too. Are they best buds with Tuvok? My kitties are best buds with our 120 lb German Shepherd. They rub and rub up against her face, trying to get her attention. It's cute!

Denise in Omaha

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Yes, Too-vawk is correct, LOL! Since we're nerds, we name all our pets after Star Trek characters. Some of them are pretty obscure. Lilly was Zephram Cochrane's friend in the movie First Contact. My cat's personality is a lot like hers! Bones is Dr. McCoy from the original series. Tuvok is the security officer on Voyager. Garak, my snake, is the Cardassian tailor/spy on DS9, the list goes on...

Oh, and Tuvok turns 3 next month. Lilly is 7, and Bones is 8 months.

Bones and Tuvok are BFF's. Bones loves to play with Tuvok's feet and tail and Tuvok is so patient with him. Tuvok likes to nuzzle Bones and scoots him all over the place in the process. Bones just purrs...

Lilly hates both of them. I think she wishes she was still an only child.

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Awesome pet photos TG!!! I keep finding myself going back and looking at the one of Bones sniffing the hoya bloom. That is probably without a doubt my ALL TIME favorite photo ever posted on GW!!!!


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TD, I love the pictures! I don't have any dogs or cats of my own (I would love to have a husky someday) but I just love animals! Lilly's nickname should be Sassy lol. She has pretty eyes. Bones is adorable! I have to agree with David with that picture: it's one of my favorites. Tuvok's just downright funny! Thanks for posting, TD!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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David I agree that is a great photo and the kitty in the Christmas tree is great to.
I still think we should do a pets and Hoyas thread but it is kinda hard to get pets to pose, needs to just happen I guess.


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You are a lovely girl not to mention your great looking, happy pets. You evidently have great places to walk-love the bridge etc.

Thanks for sharing.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I've seen that pic before, where Tuvok looks like he REALLY wants to get that thing with cellophane and sparkly streamer type stuff, but it never fails to crack me up. He's a gorgeous dog. So, how did the aftermath of that first pic turn out? Did he veer off to avoid you at the last minute, or did it result in a pile of photographer (who I am assuming was you) and happy Great Dane? :) Because he really looks like he's about to run someone over. I also love the look on his face with the cat door around his neck. It's kind of like, "What, you've never seen a dog wearing a cat door?? (ok, please get it off now, please)"

I love that pic of Bones and your hubby intently watching basketball. That and the pic of Bones sitting on his shoulder makes them look like best buddies. I admit, after your comment about Lilly eating you if you touch her, it makes me nervous to see Lillyhat, ha. But she is a pretty kitty, for sure.

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Thank you for sharing your pets with us.I am a cat person and love them so much.I have 4 cats and I all most got another today.If hubby was not with me when I went out to get a cherry tree, a little cream/light orange kitty would of found a spot in the car.The farm had a 5 kitties that needed homes but as I was trying to get hubby to think it was a good idea to get one more they were all taken.I love the pic of your cat on the head.


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Tuvok is pretty good at veering at the last minute. I'm still amazed I got that shot though.

David and everyone, that is such a sweet thing to say! Bones is very photogenic.

Yeah, the cat door necklace was funny. We installed the cat door in the upstairs bathroom door for Bones when he first came home. But the door is hollow and the cat door was...well, lower quality than the first one we bought. So I guess Tuvok looked into the bathroom and came out with the necklace. We don't know how long he was like that because we were gone. I walked in and immediately cracked up. DH came in and I showed him and we just cackled for forever. Then I took the picture and by that point I think Tuvok was wondering if we were ever going to take the thing off him!

We live across the street from a big park. We like walking over there. I haven't been lately because it is so freakin' hot.

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You caught me!!

Oh, but its ok because I'm so cute.

Being cute rocks!

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Ahhhhhhh! TUVAK > ALL!

I can't believe you responded to my request and then it took me like a week to place my offerings on the great dane alter.

I'm so glad Denise and Kelly were able to identify the kitty door, because I was totally stumped by that picture!

Too sad that he was adopted by a family that had clearly not done their research. Any info page on dog breeds will provide advice on what climates they are best suited for, so that's just pure lazy lazy LAZY! Too cool that the breeder yanked him from the home, though.

I am so jealous that Bones watches TV. I want my cat to do this SO BAD (for some crazy reason) but he will not! I think he might be passive aggressively passing judgement on my programs.

You know, I kind of think you and Lilly match. Sounds crazy, I know, but check out how you have the same expression here

as she has here.

Coincidence? I think not.

As for the crushed flowers, cats are basically like beautiful people. They know they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Although, of course, if I went out tomorrow morning and found a model sleeping in my flowerpot, s/he might not get off as easily as Bones did. Then again, I don't know, maybe I would just take some pictures and post them on the internet.

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