Spiders & UF's from this summer

pamghatten(wny5)December 8, 2011

I've finally organized an uploaded my photos from this summer, so here are some of my favorites, and/or new to me daylilies:

Almost Paradise - new to me

Angelus Spangles - a favorite

Black Falcon Ritual - new to me

Blazing Lampsticks - new to me, love these "hot" oranges

Brooklyn Twist - a favorite

Carolicolossal - an oldie but goody

Charon the Ferryman - new to me, good late one

Cowboy Scarf - new to me

Delta Force - newer to me

Dragonfly Dreams - Newer to me

Dragonfly in Flight - new to me, a Bob Faulkner DL

Flamingo Flambeau - newer, one of my friend Linda's

Gavin Petit - newer

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - new to me

Glen Eyrie - a favorite

heavenlt Beginnings - newer

Heavens Proclaim - newer

Integrated Logistics - new to me

Julie Newmar - newer, a little tender but a really pretty flower.

I've purchased a bunch of Curt Hanson's daylilies after seeing so many pictures from all of you.

I'll add more later.

Enjoy, Pam

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Thanks for sending these along. By now, everybody needs a daylily fix. I really like them all, but Angelus Spangles, Blazing Lampsticks, Delta Force,Integrated Logistics, and especially Gimme, Gimme,Gimme are favs for me. I would like to get Judy Davisson's Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, but on her website it is listed as sold out, holding for increase. When did you get yours, and did you buy it directly from her? Avedon

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Just the fix I needed this morning! All of them are beautiful but my faves are Carolicolossal, Delta Force, Dragonfly in Flight, Heavens Proclaim. Julie Newmar is on my wish list. Thanks for posting. Marg

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Those are really fantastic!!!
Hard to choose a favorite, but I especially like Glen Eyrie, Blazing Lampsticks, Brooklyn Twist, and Integrated Logistics...and both yellows. Did you get really good blooms/bud count from them or is it too early to tell?

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Glen Eyrie is one I've had for a while, and blooms like crazy ... the others are too new ...

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Julia NY(6)

Nice selection Pam.
I've been looking at Flamingo Flambeau as it seems so bright and love the green throat on it.

Black Falcon Ritual (Hanson) did outstanding here this year. My second full season and it really did great. I plan to use it this coming season with something that has a pattern. Pod fertile as bees decided to hybridize it this season but I snapped the pods off.
Oddly enough, Stealth Bomber (Hanson) did great the first season but second season, not so good. Not sure why. Hopefully this coming season it does better. I'd love to do a cross with that one also.


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Very nice group! Blazing Lampsticks really caught my eye. I love screaming, hot oranges, too.

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