Propagating Magnolias

palmcityflOctober 21, 2007

Can magnolias be propagated from seed? There are two varieties common here in South Florida, DD Blanchard and Little Gem. Both produce seed pods that fall to the ground. Magnolias are fairly expensive at nurseries, generally $125 for a 15 or 25 gallon specimen. Can I raise my own from seed?

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This is second hand knowledge. But when I moved to my current property, the prior owner's father raised trees from seed and the son used it as a tax deduction. They left behind lots of small seedlings of crepe myrtle, loquat, white mimosa and magnolias. I planted a bunch of the loquats and magnolias and am very happy with the results. I do not think (but do not know for cetain) that magnolia grow true from seed and therefore are probably not grafted.

I have read that I would have better fruit if my loquat were grafted, however.


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