My first blooms!!

mel_10(3)June 7, 2011

My speckled carnosa has finally blessed me with blooms! I was so surprised at how quickly they opened. Checked them before we went to dinner with friends and two hours later, Surprise!!!

I find the smell to be pleasant, a nice chocolate with a hint of fruit. However, I can see how the smell could get a little overpowering if there are many blooms.

Thanks for looking! Mel

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Stunning congrats!

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Congratulations Mel they are beautiful. I do love the white carnosa blooms the most vs the light pink ones.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Mel,

What do you mean thanks for looking, thank YOU for posting such beauties!

Congratulations on your bloom, I can feel your excitement; bloom doesn't happen to me often (I'd be on the moon).

How very pretty, & love your description of the scent. Nice job, TFS!!

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Very pretty bloom. I also like the veined leaves. Thanks for sharing.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

They're beautiful Mel!! Congrats and thanks for sharing them!

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jsainz(8-9 NM)

excited for you mel! they're gorge!!

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Wow- those are pretty! I haven't had any carnosa bloom yet. Congrats!

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Congratulations, Mel!! That's so great! I agree with Mike that the white carnosa blooms are extra pretty.

I also know what you mean when you say you were surprised how fast they opened. I'm always amazed at some of the great play by play photos that people like Pug and Xuan and Kelly get as their blooms open, because my plants wait until my back is turned to do all the cool stuff.

I imagine them scurrying around in claymation. They also talk like the Canadians in South Park... or Coboy and Indien.

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Thanks everyone! My husband keeps laughing at me because everytime I walk by the plant I have to lay down on the floor in order to smell it or get a good look at the blooms. Appearantly they are rather shy because the blooms are hiding underneath the leaves.

GG-I was also hoping to get the play-by-play pictures of the buds opening. In my head I was imagining there would a be a little "pop" sound as the buds burst open and I was so hoping to get to hear that! Fortunately I have two other peduncles budding up on this plant so I have a couple more chances to catch the action :)


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