Stupid question about eyes

melaroma(6)April 21, 2012

I have had hostas for many years now but have never really taken the time to observe them in the spring and am curious as to how many leaves each eye produces. I would think that it would be several as one of my hostas only has 5 eyes so far but last years had about 12 leaves.

Anyone know the answer?

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It varies by variety, age of the plant, size of the eye, etc. From personal experience, I've had as few as four leaves per eye to more than ten leaves per eye.

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Ditto to what frostynyc just stated particularly given variety.


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melaroma - and at the very extreme - Maekawa produces a bare minimum - mine had two divisions last year with 1 leaf each and 1 flower scape total. I have three divisions this year so I should have a bounty crop of three leaves. So you hope frost, deer and rabbits are kind to this one.


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

this is an interesting question, as are the answers.. I have just been assuming 5 per eye this year as a way to project a plant size.. But I hadn't realized so many leaves could be possible ...

What I love seeing most is new eyes during the late spring and summer, emerging out a way from the center of the plant, that always makes me think ..WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR !

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Thank you all for your answers. I have a hosta that has 22 eyes that I was tempted to divide but was unsure as to wether it would be full enough if I divided it into groups of three eyes. Now I know.

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