quinnfyre(z7 PA)June 21, 2010

Just got one today. What you don't get to see in pictures is that it has a shimmer to the leaves. It almost sparkles. Very pretty. When I get my act together, I will post pics of it, as well as villosa (I love this one!), and miscellaneous others. Going from being underemployed and working only two days a week to working six days a week again is a kick in the rear, whew.

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And it's such a delicate little thing. I was surprised at what a small species it is. Mine has grown like crazy for the last year, in a 3" pot, and I know I need to move it to a larger pot (because it dries out fast...) But I think a 4.5" hanging pot will be too big a move. I'm trying to figure out an ideal pot for mine. I just took a couple cuttings to root and put back in the new pot, so I have a couple weeks to make the decision...

Denise in Omaha

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I find that mine wants to climb up really fast once it gets going and I am constantly removing it from other plants and trying to keep it contained. It's a small Hoya but I can see it taking up lots of space because it is such a vigorous climber. I have mine in a 4" pot with a trellis.


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Oooo thanks for the info! I'm obsessed with metallic and shimmery elements in plants. Okay, when I say it like that it sounds like a kind of obvious thing to become obsessed with - like I'm a little girl obsessed with pink. But I know the feeling when you unwrap a new plant and *surprise* it glitters!

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Greedyghost- do you have Philodendron brandtinaum? It is silvery and shimmery.

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Thanks for the heads up, tigerdawn! I wouldn't have thought of a Philodendron. So far, my glittery/silvery/shimmery collection mostly includes various chirita, begonia, and episcia. I don't think I have figured out the right search words to research out more candidates, because silver is used mainly as a color and the descriptions of even the most violently metallic plants remain ambiguous. I guess shimmery plants will just have to stay an occasional surprise for now.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

My satin pothos (scindapsis pictus) has spotted leaves, and the spots are silvery in color, and rather sparkly. I noticed you grow some African violets too... you might enjoy Harmony's Little Stinker. It is a leaf chimera (meaning you can only propagate it via suckers or bloomstalk propagation, instead of the normal leaf cutting) and each leaf has a broad silvery stripe down the middle. It's very attractive. I really need to get it a better wick reservoir, before it decides to hate me. I haven't worked up the nerve to try propagating it, which is silly, because I got it for that very reason in the first place, but someday, I will.

I don't think I'll be able to catch the shimmer in cagayanensis's leaves in a pic, but I'll give it a try on my day off.

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Thanks for the heads up. lollol After you're comment about Fluffernutter, I'm suspicious you collected "Little Stinker" for its name.

Here are a couple shots of my favorite 'silvery' plant, Chirita sinensis 'Silver.' It's so hard to capture silver on film, but I tell you, the silvery parts look exactly like the shimmery silver nail polish I have on right now (which takes me back to jr. high).

Incidentally, Quinn. Is that your first name? Sorry to pry, that was just my best friend's name growing up, so I was curious.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Well, it is a funny name, but no, I got it because it is a leaf chimera, and I wanted to experiment with propagating chimeras, which involves lopping off the crown and seeing what suckers come up, which is one of the only ways to get a chimera offspring that will remain true. I figured I could cheat a little; as a leaf chimera, I will know I was successful or not from the moment the sucker appeared. It will either have the correct leaves, or it will not. By contrast, I would have to wait until a bloom chimera produced flowers before I knew whether or not I was successful, and an African violet from baby to flowering is not always the fastest process. For instance, I have waited over two years before seeing a first bloom on Snowy Skies. One bloomed true, the others so far have not, and this isn't even a chimera, which isn't the most stable form anyway. Chimeras are notorious for reverting.

Buuuut, so far this is all moot, as I haven't bothered to try yet. Whoops.

No, my name isn't Quinn; it's an old handle from my AOL days when I was 18. It tends to work for me though, because no one ever has it, because I made it up, ha. And it is a lot less generic than my actual first name, which is Jane.

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