Flowering Frequency

jkc1023(7)June 8, 2013

This is my first experience with flowering hoyas. The first wave of flowers came about three months ago. Those came and went and it was exciting. Then buds developed on those same locations again! They are fading now and dropping and once again, lovely show. Can I expect a third showing this summer? Does this go on all year if conditions are right? Also, as long as its been blooming there has been no growth to the vine. No new leaves either. My flowers seem to be on leaf-less cords. Odd looking.

Oh, and its a Hoya carnosa.


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Well let me first tell you Congratulations! Most of us dont get flowers from Carnosa that quickly and not that frequently. Where do you live? How long have you had it? and a picture would be great.

When I first started reading about how fast your Hoya was flowering, I was thinking maybe DS 70 or Lacunosa. But it would be a pretty amazing accomplishment in MHO to have a Carnosa bloom like that.

Try to get a picture up. And provide a little more information please.

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I live just north of Seattle. My hoyas are in my kitchen window. Its a south facing window but there are lots of trees out there so direct sun is minimized. I have the carnosa, a purpureo fusca (its also in the photo) a kenejiana that are growing like gangbusters. The purpureo fusca has easily grown 12 inches in the past month and two sets of leaves.. The kenejiana more like three inches and a set of leaves.

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My carnosa blooms all summer, basically until it gets cold. So yes, you can expect more blooms.

I think the more sun it gets, the more blooms. Mine was getting direct sun for a couple hours a day.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I love how you are growing your Hoya...look at all the blooms!! Congrats!!

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Congrats on the blooms! I really like how you have your carnosa trained around the window sill. I wish mine would be more cooperative... My carnosa bloomed all summer last year. I believe at any given time it easily had a dozen umbels blooming. That was the first year it really bloomed. Many of them bloomed four or five times.

So hopefully you can enjoy your carnosa blooms for several months yet!!

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Thanks, everyone! I have purchased a trellis for the carnosa since its at the end of the window sill. Just waiting for the flowers to drop and then I'll get it wound around a stand.

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Wow! That picture was worth a 1000 words. It is so pretty to see all the blooms cascading. Ive read alot of times the most blooms come off of a leafless vine, and yours is surely the case.

My carnosa also grows in the southern window, never has bloomed but once :( I do grow H. Hindu Rope that bloomed all summer from about 2 year on. And it is a type of carnosa.

Enjoy your beauty. And It will look great wrapped around a trellis too! Thanks for sharing the photo, keep them coming.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Pretty flower ikc

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@ jkc

Yes, most Hoyas keep their peduncles (the place where the buds form), and rebloom from them. (Some, like javanica and lasiantha, drop them after a few blooming cycles, and then grow new ones).

Every time the peduncle blooms, it gets a little longer and nubbier, so old peduncles look really cool IMO. Once a Hoya already has a peduncle, it's much more likely it will go ahead and bloom. That's why people get so excited when their cuttings come with peduncles already on them. Sometimes these cuttings will bloom even before they're done rooting, giving their owner an opportunity to see flowers that might otherwise take them years to achieve.

Carnosa does have that peculiarity you noted of putting most its peduncles on leafless vines. So, we're always warning new Hoya owners not to prune those long (somewhat ugly) bare vines.

Different Hoyas have different blooming seasons and patterns. A lot of them tend to do as carnosa does, bringing new batches of buds to bloom over several months, then taking a break until their season rolls around again. Carnosa and bella start blooming in the spring. Hoya nummularioides blooms in the late summer early fall. Etc. etc.

Sometimes the pattern is like clockwork, and other times it's not as obvious. Like, it seems to me that paulshirleyii blooms every couple of months year round. I don't really keep track, but it occurs to me it would be a good habit.

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Thanks Greedyghost. I checked out my bella starts and yes! there are three peduncles on them. Small ones, so perhaps later this season or even next year. I'm sure most of its energy is being put into root production.

I'm watering the carnosa twice a week and feeding it once a month. The other plants seem to still be doing well with once a week watering and monthly feedings. They are smaller and seem to be putting out vines and leaves rather than flowers.

I'll post more photos as things bloom.

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Hi people:

@ jkc1023

Beautiful hoya in the window alfeifar.

@ greedyghost

I want to show a cutting, which I have set to root a month ago.

I have to emphasize that it has a small piece of old stem and a good chunk of a new guide.

It has two infant peduncles and you can see how one of them starts to show its umbels and surely we will see to flourish soon. Come the time and if I remember, I will show its blooming umbels.

It is impossible to include the photos here but if you want to see the transplant to a pot that I did this morning you can visit this link.

pedúnculo que florecera
link below.

Thanks and regards.

Here is a link that might be useful: pedúnculo que florecera

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How old is your mama carnosa? Your photo looks like the "trunk" is an inch in diameter!

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Hello people.


The mother plant is 24.

Yes, the stem of this cutting is 3 mm in diameter

Below is the link to see photos when I planted this cutting. "Pedúnculo que florecerá en agua"

And these photos are taken now.

Malaga has a wonderful climate and my Hoyas carnosas, krimson queen and pubicalyx have two blooms in spring and summer to end in mid-October.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pedúnculo que florecerá en agua

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