Bressingham Blue

Brandys_garden(6)April 11, 2014

I went back to the greenhouse and I picked up Bressingham Blue today to lighten my spirits about the devastating 90% loss of Luna Moth.... She is HUGE, as in her leaves. She only has one eye but still $6. I talked to Ed and he advised me to put her in one of my larger pots as she grows fast, in his experience. So I put her in the 12 incher and it still was only an inch from her root ball all around. She looks good. I put her on the patio as my anchor plant for now.
Here she is close up, her leaves are already pretty massive.

Side view

I put the blue butterfly on her to decorate her.

Whole view of patio hosta garden today.

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Looks like another good one, Brandy.

Hey, is that garden gnome moving around on his own? : 0

Don B.

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Hey! wasn't your neighbor supposed to make you a kind of structure/platform for your pots? Like, last year? Was that you, Brandy? Or am I going senile?

Don B.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

That looks like a really nice Bressingham Blue. I like the pot too!

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Thanks and yes he was but he never did... He said he ran out of materials? :( So I am going to make my own somehow.

I spent $10 total... So I bought another one, a mini... Look on other thread for which one. I got a 2 for 1 deal on it. So I had a good day!!

Oh, and look at the leaves on Guacamole... Looks like margins coming in on it, so I believe it's labeled correctly Woo hoo!!!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Your BB blows me away! That plant sure has presence!

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Thanks... I got the 1 eyed one because it was perfect in shape and color of leaves. They had some with 2 or 3 eyes but they looked scrunched together, plus they were $11. I love it!

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The BB is something I'd want to get started with, straight into mother Earth's arms. It reminds me of my blue/green noidy plant. It's related to yours somewhere in the genetics. Maybe they're cousins?

This plants roots came in a box with the cryptyc title of sieboldiana. Well see how it does this season. : )

Don B.

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Thanks Don, but as I've explained before, the ground is NOT an option here for me. All around in the shade is solid cement or rock. The only soil and not much of it is where the oak tree is. Plus, it's not my land. And I am not allowed to on this side. The neighbors on the other side that are allowed to, do not have much luck with hostas in the ground here. I don't know why? I think a lot of it is because if it's heavy rain, we have standing water for quite awhile and it's very rocky and probably not much nourishment in the soil.... Might have something to do with the pH, too? I don't know? But, a lot of my neighbors have followed suit and gotten pots for their plants and have a lot more luck with all of them, including their hosta.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Bressingham Blue is a great hosta here and my biggest. I don't see it listed as a giant, but it is taller, wider and has bigger leafs than anything else I grow. That includes Sagae, Blue Angel, Earth Angel and Krossa Regal. And it gets less sun than any of the above.

I can't post pictures because of my recent "upgrade" to Windows 8.

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