Hoya Macgillivrayi

suetran1(7NC)June 24, 2011

I'd like to share with you those beautiful flowers. I can't stop to take the picture. Just look at them, i feel like in a dream with all the stars.

Thanks you for looking.


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This is what heaven must be like - a sky filled with scarlet stars dripping with nectar. How can you possibly pull yourself away?


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

First of all, let me say, I am jealous! Those are some beautiful flowers! Secondly, it is good to see you around again. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to. The rigida cutting you sent my way a while back is starting to take off. The leaves are huge! It is a lovely hoya.

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Yes, it is hard to resist, nature wonder !!

I understand your jealousy, Quinfryre! I'm so lucky to have it, and now I think it is enough, I don't want any more hoya.
There are so many, the more I see, the more I wanted. That why I stayed away for awhile.
It's good to hear that your hoya doing well.

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Georgeous flowers, Sue. I'm jealous too!!

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They are STUNNING, Sue! My MacG's are growing well right now, and they do set peduncles, but I have yet to get any flowers. Someday...

Denise in Omaha

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It would take me two days to try and put words to that beauty. What a bounty!

A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.

Walt Whitman

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Sue...add me to the list of being jealous of your beautiful hoya also. Wow!! Those are absolutely gorgeous! I have this hoya and can't wait to see those blooms in person one day. How long have you had your hoya?

Thanks for posting!

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Hi. I have this Hoya. And the blooms are just unreal. so few,but the size makes up for the difference in quantity! I have a question. I have well rooted cuttings from the mother plant, that died over 2 years ago,the plant is in a 4in pot,and growing,but not blooming. It has about as much 'plant' as I see in the first picture. Should I pot it up to a 6 or 8 in hanging basket? I thought it had to be potbound to bloom,and so I have kept it in the 4in pot I rooted 3 cuttings in. It grows in spurts,but no flowers. I think it is getting to much light. The mother was on my front porch,northern exposure,no direct sun at all,and it bloomed year round.
This one get morning sun through a screen, BUT no blooms at all. So...hints? I think I should pot it up,twine the stems around the basket hangers and put it out front....right? OR should I keep it in the 4in pot, and hang it out front, and see what happens? As expensive as the mother was,it was so easy to get rooted cuttings, but I dont want to have to buy another one! And I have been waiting for blooms for years now. I think I have waited long enough. I dont even recall if the blooms had any fragrance. Do they? I think they did, in the morning, which I thought was odd. My other hoyas all smell at night. So...pot her up and move her? Or something else.

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Thanks everyone
I have this plant at least 4 years, this is the first time it blooms, it has very light fragrance.
I grow it in 4" pot, never re-pot it. It was completely root bound, I did not see any soil at all, high light but not direct, temperature about 60, 65F in winter. I do not feeding them in winter, water only once a week.
In May, I take them out of the greenhouse, have them under the morning sun. And then I put a 1/2 tp Nutricote 14 14 14, slow release fertilizer, and Miracle grow Bloom booster, V-11 once a month until October.
I hope those information can help.

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Great details! Thanks so much for providing them. I sometimes wish I could just right click on a photo and get a print out on what the heck the person did to get that plant to flower.

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Sue that is so beautiful. You are having a great Hoya season so far!


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janisoga(Atl, GA)

FANTASTIC - I guess I know what I need to try and find. Sue, how often do you put - Nutricate, MG & V 11 in them? All at the same time? You said once a month, but do you just use plain water on the off times?

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MG and V11 use in difference time, in the morning, once a month. Other day, I just water them everyday, because the Nutricote already in there.
You can use Nutricote (pellets) or Dynamite (pellets) slow release, that means it will release the nutrition when you water your plant. It is good to use it in summer, because the temperature has to be 70F or more, so it is not useful in winter.
I always use small pot, Fafard potting soil and I add more 1/3 perlite.

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