hoya and leaving home

daletteJune 18, 2010

When you all go away how do you keep your Hoyas watered other than getting someone to come and water..I travel sometimes 2 weeks at a time....dalette

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I'm no help with this one . . . my daughter waters my plants when I'm away. :)


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Me neither - I don't travel because I don't trust anyone to take care of my plants. (At least that's one excuse...) However, I know some folks here wick their plants. And I believe it was Mike D. who showed us a nice setup for vacationing. Mike, can you put a link to that post?

Denise in Omaha

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For some reason the search function is not working or the thread has been deleted.

I use capillary matting that is set into trays that hold a reservoir of water. The matting is held up by plastic egg crate diffuser that is sold for fluorescent lights. There is a piece of plastic under the matting so that it stays wet and the end of the matting hangs down into the water. You can buy this matting online or at larger greenhouse supply stores. You can make smaller versions using a smaller tray and I have made some using cat little boxes, light diffuser and a small piece of matting. You could also use cotton wicks instead of the matting but I don't have experience doing that. Using wicks or matting keeps the potting mix moist so it is not good for plants that like to dry out. I used mine with Hoyas and some orchids that like a lot of moisture and after two weeks away everything looked fine. An aquarium air pump and air stone is a good idea to keep the water in the reservoir from going stagnant and smelling bad when you get back.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Search function isn't working. Or at least, it wasn't on Saturday. I tried doing a search for limoniaca, which I know was posted about recently, so I can see more pics of it, and it told me no search results. I knew for a fact that there should be at least one result.

I should probably be using an aquarium pump in my terrarium, as I like to keep an inch of water in there at all times. At this stage though, I'm a little afraid of plugging yet another thing in ; )

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Wow, I'm surprised how tidy and flexible the end result looks. Nice note on the air stone, which makes me wonder: I just set up my rooting aquarium this weekend (I call it Vietnam-in-a-box) and am curious whether the water goes ick in that setup without some help from an air pump or algae treatment or something? I've kept a lot of aquariums, but I'm more inexperienced with these more terrarium-esque tank usages.

Here is a link that might be useful: Re: Rooting Aquarium Discussion

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