I think my Hoya's dying, is there any chance of help?

JaneDarbJuly 21, 2013


I bought a cute little heart shaped hoya (yes I was sucked in by the Valentine's day gimmick) but it seems to be dying or have some kind of fungus. Just wondering if there is any hope for saving my hoya? I have attached a photo to show the problem.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

No, sorry, I don't think so. Mix is all wrong, looks like pure peat. Highly unlikely it will ever do anything other than grow roots to nowhere (that don't grow into an actual plant).

I am someone who persuaded my local supermarket to stop selling these Valentine's Day ripoffs which they had more than 5 yrs. ago for $12 a pop. They are designed to fail.

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Wow what a rip off. I think I would complain to the store where you bought it. Even if it has been awhile tell them what PG said. Even if you don't get a refund at least you can vent off.

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Contact me through this site and I will be happy to send you a kerrii for the cost of postage.

Denise in Omaha

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