Winter blues

cyclonenatJuly 8, 2011

Hi everyone i cant believe its so hard to bring plants into New Zealand even from australia grrrrr. Anyway i think i might lose australis keysii it was the only one affected by the cold before i brang them inside from on the deck. The rest of my plants are dormant at the moment. Nice cuttings everyone has hope they grow well for you

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I do think it's a huge bummer that it's so tough to import things into New Zealand, but I guess it makes sense that your country would be a little gun shy in this regard. I know my dad is kind of Mr. Negatorio every time I import plants and actually seems to cheer up when there is evidence that customs went through my package. It's like he's rooting for the other side lol. I suspect he feels the policies are too lax here.

I, on the other hand, have an Aussie relative visiting in a week and I keep wanting to send her links to photos of Hoyas growing wild there to see if she knows the plants. But I think even if she had a whole forest of it growing in her backyard, she'd be too much of a stickler to smuggle any to me. She is always defeating my stereotypes of wild Australians, darn her.

Too sad about keysii. Can you take a promising cutting? It's amazing what a Hoya can recover from. Just a couple months ago, I was thinking I'd wrecked my pusilla cutting and it was always going to be a problem plant for me. But now it's looking so good it's hard to believe it was ever so limp and wretched.

Good luck!!!

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GG, isn't it legal to bring up to 10 cuttings on the plane from Australia? Seems I heard that somewhere . . .


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Yeah, it is, but you don't know this lady. She has an anxiety attack if we have tea past teatime. And it always seems to be teatime. I just don't get teatime.

So, somehow it seems unlikely that I can get her to pack her suitcase full of weeds. But you're right, I should give it a shot anyway. ^_~

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Oh ok i havent given up on it yet but its not looking too good i must say. I might have got hold of a hoya club here that just folded but before they did i contacted them they sent me my obovata and are growing me a new multiflora and serpens cutting because the ones i bought got damaged in the post and didnt make it, i think she also has fungii, and she has contact with another member that has some of the different ones. Sometimes i go to my local park that has a glasshouse thing and it has a few hoyas so im going to ask if i can get some cuttings off them (in the spring of course)

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I'm glad winter is over on this side of the Equator; we had a pretty mild, but wet, winter.

My Hoya Australis has been sitting in a north facing window, neglected. All the leaves are yellow (too much light), so I did a major overhaul on her this afternoon. New cuttings put in new potting mix. Had her for over 5 year and moved her to a less lit up place. Stubborn this one, not bloomed, not ONCE since I had her. I'll just have to admire her foliage.. lol

Anyways, hope our keysii pulls through. Hoyas are pretty tough.


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