New Archboldia Starter Plant......hints?

aveo5July 6, 2011

Well my H. Archboldia starter plant arrived today. It ended up being in the mail for 5 days, thanks to the holiday. And when I unpacked it, it was out of the soil and the root system is fairly small and shallow. I put it back into the pot, a 4in pot, and water it and tied up the new vine that is starting to sprout out of the top,I was surprised to see it there. It wasnt in the picture when I bought it.

My question is, is the fact that there is a new vine starting on it, with 1 new young leaf on it,and it looks healthy, is the length in the mail and out of the pot, NOT a big deal? And chances are it will grow and one day bloom? Or did I just loose out a pocket full of cash?

The same thing happened to my 'Black Philippine Chimrea', and it is still not growing, but it isnt dying either, the new vine on it is intact and is 'turning with the morning sunlight', but not growing yet. But it has been less than a week. What do you all think? I'm probably ok,or its just sit and wait?

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

5 days really isn't a long time. My experience is plants need a recovery period after being mailed. Mist the leaves to prevent dehydration and give them a chance to adjust. Do know it's not uncommon to lose new growth on a recently mailed plant, but nothing to panick over!

Good luck!


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Five days for me would be a miracle time!

I have hoyas that took 34 days to arrive and arrived alive!

So don't worry, your hoya will be just fine after the adaptation period.


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The longest I have had cuttings in the mail was 21 days so your plants 5 days were like a nap in comparison.

Newly rooted Hoyas can look like they are doing nothing and sometimes they really are doing nothing. If there is an abscence of growth up top it can also mean that the plant is forming a larger root system and newly potted plants or cuttings often do this. Once your plant settles in and forms a good root system it will grow much more quickly but sometimes this can take months and many of us have cuttings that have done almost nothing for an entire year. You just need to be patient and give your plant the best care you can and it will reward you in time.


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