new lurker-gplains hoya

gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)July 18, 2012 first post was accidentally put in images gallery....i apologise...i will catch on! :-) below is that 1st posting.

hi, i have been lurking (even tho' it's widely used, i dislike that 'lurk' word...kinda creepy) i guess i should say "anonymous reader" on the hoya forums for awhile...just joined the hoya cubits forum too. just wanted to introduce myself...was into orchids ( yes...*that* addiction or anyone who is familiar :-). .....had to scale back for several reasons. oddly...not so much the addiction that curtailed me, but that's for another day...since now it's hoyas i am into. my first to bloom was a hoya obscura from Gardino's ( love it) that i bought as a small but healthy its huge and the best smell!!! thank you for having this forum...I look forward to hearing from all..this is truly a fabulous forum with great and interesting people. I have just become a lazy writer with age.. :-/

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

my hoyas are:

h.carnosa (duh!) (regular and Chelsea)
h.obscura, 'philip'
h.Australis 'brookfield'
-keysii (still rooted cuttings right now I got at a local nursery..asked, of course!!:-)
h.lacunosa ( Poonsak, minileaf, and ...not sure, i think 'royal flush'? last 2 are EA)
h. bella
h. nummularoides
h. ds-70
h. shepherdii
h. acuta
h. wayettii
h. curtisii
h. pubicalyx 'pink silver'....

only a few of mine so far are 'mature'...
and i have probably over a dozen smaller others that i recently acquired that are small starters, which include h. fungii, h. estrella waterfalls, h. pallida, h. pubifera...gosh..definitely more....reading this forum inspired me to...get hoyaddicted! thank you, hoya forum! we will see if i can get these to survive and maybe thrive in zone 6..with no gh :-)

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Welcome to the forum! There are many Hoya grower skill levels here and some very valuable advice. ~ Mary

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Welcome to the forum, you already have a good selection of hoyas. Probably you don't know but I live in Brazil, so we don't use zones to describe our climate, we use South, West, East, etc, which is very clear to us which climate we have, so what means your 6 zone? Is it cold? Sorry to ask that, might be a stupid question for those in US, but for us here it makes no sense.



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Hi GPS and welcome to the forum! I always find internet usernames interesting - what is the "g" in "gplains..."? Georgia? A town? Short for your first or last name? I joined GW way back when I could actually get my first name as my username, and before I was internet savvy enough to know it was interesting & fun to choose a username that might express something.

Well, it looks like you have a good collection started there. And if you grow orchids well, you won't have any trouble at all with Hoyas. Glad you decided to jump in and join the conversation!

Denise in Omaha

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

Thank you for the welcome!
To Mitzi: I live in zone 6...Kansas to be exact. the kansas city area...we have terrible weather extremes here and no ocean!:-( being from florida/ georgia originally ( many years ago)...i miss the winters that is!!!! Our forecast for today is 105* F...and we havent had rain for it is very dry dusty and windy here. I have lived in Venezuela. Not Portuguese speaking , but at least the same continent! Anyway...Here in landlocked Kansas, we get very very cold winters, lots of snow, and ...then very hot summers. Sucks for Hoya and orchid growers! (who don't have a greenhouse...and do the South windows in Winter...north decks in summer!)

Denise: thank you for your welcome...gplains stands for "great plains"... i thought about using my town name, or my last name, but i get kinda weirded out by the real weirdos on the one else in Kansas has my last is not like Smith or i settled for the area of the country where i live...the Great Plains.

thank you to all! look forward to chatting, learning, ...& .sharing!!!

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Welcome to the forum GreatPlainsHoya.
I also grow orchids and I can tell you that Hoyas are just as addictive. There is one saving grace, well sort of. There are far fewer Hoya species out there, maybe 500 at most and they are not all in cultivation. My favourite orchid genus (Bulbophyllum) has more than 1500 species which makes a collector go a little nuts with the possibilities of acquiring even a small portion of the plants available.
I am in zone 6 and I grow in my apartment with both natural light from South windows and T5/T8 bulbs. I think you will do just fine with Hoyas.

Mitzi the plant hardiness zones are explained in the link I posted. Things like elevation and proximity to water etc. influence each area and you often find little pockets of warmer areas within colder zones. The link shows temperatures in F but as an example the zone I live in can expect at least a few days as low as 20 below freezing during the winter. Last winter we had almost no snow at all but that is very unusual. Who knows maybe they will have to start adjusting our plant hardiness zones if this keeps up.


Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Hardiness Zones

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Thank you Mike for the link.

I wonder which could be my zone here in Brazil if compared with US, maybe the same zone as Florida or Hawaii!

Right now is very cold in Sao Paulo, the coldest days around 9ú Celcius, I love cold weather but not as cold as it is!

GPlains, I believe you'll do an excellent job with your hoyas, technology helps a lot, those T5 tube lamps seems to be a good option. Good luck.

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Mine would be zone 11 for sure!


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Mine would be zone 11 for sure!


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Nice to meet you, greatplains. ^_^ A while back, another poster mentioned there was a nursery in Kansas City with a nice little selection of Hoyas. Have you gotten any of your plants locally?

9C sounds like heaven to me right now, Mitzi. I hate this heat!!!

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

Hi GG...thank you for the welcome...Yes, I did buy several plants Lowes. The Lacunosas, Carnosa, (Chelsea), Wayettii, and Curtisii ....all EA.
Now several others I went to an independent Nursery in town and asked the folks if I could take cuttings..they were SOOOO nice about letting me do this. It was either that or pay$20/ plant! ....those were silver speck Obovata, Australis Keysii, and two types of bella. One might be Carnosa Tricolor, Chelsea tricolor, or some kind or varigated Australis. Not sure till I see blooms. All my others I got either from ebay vendors, local Craigslistings, ( my Silver Pink Pubicalyx) , Joni at SRQ,
( love!!!) and Paula at Gardinos (love!!)...I have spent $$$ on both my Hoyas and Orchids, but I rationalize it out by saying to myself that I don't spend much on clothing or pedicures, plants and garden are my addiction! :-D

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I too grow both orchids and Hoyas, and they go together so so nicely.


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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

@ GreedyGhost : I remember seeing that old post about the nursery in KC with a lot of Hoyas. I remember wondering which nursery it was, We have a quite a few...but none really with a lot of what I would call..."hoya diversity", LOL. It's kinda odd when you go to the Big box places and they have more hoya selections than the upscale nurseries...Oh well...that's why I do eBay and other online options.

@Renee...I am actually scaling down my orchids. In fact, I am offering some of them for trade in exchange for satiating my hoya addiction, LOL!

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Well, probably it was the independent nursery you went to. If I found a nursery that had 2+ Hoyas of non-EA varieties, I would put it on the Hoya map. ;)

I tell myself the same thing about how my box from Thailand = my sister's new Chanel glasses. :P

@ Mike

Your remark about the 1500 Bulbophyllum species really did make me glad I threw myself into the Hoya camp. That's dangerous turf!

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