help weed spur pokey things !!!!!!!

momof2sweetiesOctober 25, 2007


I am new to Florida and have over a acre. We have centipede grass slowly taking over ( which we want ) but, we have these weed grass things growing all over that have little "SPUR" like really pokey things growing they stick on us and our poor dog. We have been pulling them out but they are EVERY where. Does anyone know what they are and what I can do to get rid of them.

Thank you!!!

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Welcome to Florida, and welcome to the absolute WORST weed of all, sandspurs! They are horrible! When they stick in your bare feet, it's just miserable, because they have little barbs on them that break off and HUUUURT!

I don't know how one gets rid of them, other than pulling. Maybe a weed killer would work, but would probably destroy your centipede grass. I'm sure someone here can tell you whether to try something like RoundUp, or a pre-emergent weed killer, or a flame thrower or something. These folks are pretty knowledgeable about stuff like this.

I'm just GLAD that sandspurs are one weed we don't have in our yard. (Maybe the ONLY one.)

Good luck!

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

Sandspurs are the only thing I don't like about Florida. Unfortunately I think you have to pull them out. If you use Roundup, they die but those little barbs are still there. Hopefully I'm wrong.


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

I have had a bunch, but through constant pulling/picking have reduced the population to almost none. My husband and I would come out with a bucket and a shovel, and do a patch at a time.
I am against using RounUp or any other herbicide...I will rather do it the harder way (manual labor...that is)

Good luck with your battle!

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Jan Sword

Maybe you can pour boiling water on them I know it works on the fire ants, it may kill some grass nearby but might be worth try.

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

Sandspurs & 'far-ants'...the worst of Flarda!

I don't have them in my yard, either, but if I walk the 2 short blocks to the beach...wham!
(I have a habit of not wearing shoes.)

Trust me when I say: "They poke through flip-flops, too!"...LOL

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I agree with Olya that I don't like using chemicals to kill things when I can possibly avoid it, but the thought of manually doing an entire yard full of sandspurs is pretty grim. However, barbcoleus has a good point. If you kill the plants without pulling them up, you still have the dadblamed spurs to contend with. No easy answers on this one, I'm guessing, but I'm still interested to see if anyone else can suggest something.


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I had these all over when I lived in San Antonio. What I did was to mow them down but I bagged the grass clippings. THe mower acts somewhat like an outdoor vacuum. You need to continue doing this until the spurs have been removed. you need to use pre-emergent such as corn gluten in the winter time when the grass has gone dormant. Also the spurs breakdown by the next spring or summertime when the grass re-awakens so you would not need to worry about removing every last spur. Since you have one acre I cant tell you what do do about the entire area but perhaps in the immediate vicinity of the house.

Good Luck.

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If you diligently inspect your yard you will notice that there is a point that you can recognize that the plant is sandspur..... and get it before it ( opens)

digging it up is the best way :(

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thank you - off I go to pull and pull and pull !!!!

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