Climbing Eden rose hardiness?

dbclaverackJanuary 30, 2007

I am planning on growing two or three Climbing Edens up the side of my chimney here in the Hudson River Valley of New York (z5). The worry is that they might die back to the ground each winter and thus ruining my chances of a gorgeous rose covered brick chimney à l'Anglaise.

Has anyone had experience with the hardiness of Eden? The site is in a raised border on the south side of the house, with all day full sun. It is somewhat protected from the fiercest winter winds by the corner of the house, and in summer it can get pretty hot there baking in the sun all day. Any thoughts from our rose friends, especially those in the Hudson Valley?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Not a good idea. It will winter kill to the ground and is never going to be as vigorous as you want.
Climbing roses are a real problem in Zone 5 but you might want to take a look at Quadra. Iron-clad hardy, rather nice clear red flowers - no fragrance. Or any of the Canadian shrubs such as William Baffin. Or a once blooming rambler - De la Grifferia or Vielchenblau or...... I'm growing something called White Mountains (put out by the Univ. of New Hampshire) that is enormous and iron=clad hardy - cluster of small white flowers opening from blush pink buds.

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shaolin(z5 NY)

I'm late answering this - but I have to agree - Eden isn't very happy in my garden either. New Dawn, on the other hand, is gorgeous, super hardy and never stops blooming. It's almost a cliche - but it really does perform like a dream around here.

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robbiezone5(z5 HudsonValley)

well, that's good news (for me) regarding new dawn. i figured it'd be good since it is "cliché". i just planted a bare root. i also planted another called "leverkusen", i'm hoping that one does ok. we'll see...

but it sounds like the effect you are looking to produce on your chimney is probably best created by some of the options suggested by oldroser & shaolin.

good luck!

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