The new arrivals

quinnfyre(z7 PA)July 6, 2011

Here are some pics of my cuttings from the Liddle order.


Hoya sp. Kalimantan:

Hoya pottsii IML 0022:

Hoya kentiana:

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nice cuttings Quinn!! Congrats...and best of luck with them. I LOVE your Kalimatan! Gorgeous leaves!

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Wow, I really had my pick of threads to piggyback on, but I love Quinn the most so... (j/k I just like fresh threads.)

So, I was going to post these last night but it was really late by the time I got everything potted up and the pictures uploaded and correctly labeled.

I'm happy to report I received everything on my Liddle list. There was a crushing moment after I'd finished moving everything to the soaking pans, where I realized I hadn't seen sp. Estrella Falls, which is what I most wanted. Then there was a skyrocketing moment after I started potting up, where I realized it was in my hands. ^_~

This was my first order ever placed with the Liddles, so it was a little bit like going on a date with that hot boy you crushed on for 4 years in high school and then he goes away to college right after. Bittersweet, man! Everything showed up in such great condition and there were fat sturdy peduncles galore in this batch.

Carolyn, I'm happy to report I only lost one leaf. Well, two, but the second one was sort of my fault. For some reason erythrostemma petioles get weak after a soak - I have experienced this before and it is really annoying b/c the leaves are in great shape. The other leaf was in no way the fault of any handler, but more on that later.

Here they are soaking:

And here they are individually, pre-potting:

I didn't take any pictures of them post-potting, but all I did was soak them in distilled water for Sorry about all the glare, but I took these at night, lit by grow lamps.

Hoya sp. Thailand (IML 1420) I should note that this is one of those with the very soft fuzzy, almost plushy undersides.

Hoya sp. Estrella Falls (IML 1256)

Hoya nervosa (IML 1818)

Hoya griffithii (IML 1856)

Hoya rigida (IML 1529) This one is small, like sp. 22 Khao Yai.

Hoya sp. aff. erythrostemma (IML 1423)

Hoya hellwigiana - PNG (IML 1101) This photo doesn't really capture the red in this one very well. ._.' But I very much like these with that fitchii-esque veining but more surface area to display it on.

Hoya sp. IPPS8898 (IML 1391)

Hoya erythrina (IML 0511) I noticed a lot of us got one of the erythrinas this time! It's the plant of the season which is wicked cool b/c it totally deserves it.

Hoya caudata - Sumatra (IML 0965) This is the very first Hoya I ever wanted based on photos I encountered in this forum, and the photos were those of Mike's plant, so take a bow Mike. The two plants I most wanted from this order were inspired by you.

Hoya hypolasia - Madang PNG (IML 1155) This little plant is so sweet I wanted to take it to bed with me like a pet.

Hoya lambii (IML 1046) I must have been smoking crack when I ordered this one since I am utterly ill equipped to handle large temperate species. But I just couldn't stand listening to you guys talk about it anymore.

Hoya patella - PNG (IML 1083) This is the white one, and I am going to root it in the same semi-hydro setup as I did the pink one David sent me b/c that one has been growing like a weed! It even put out a new peduncle, which is just wacky. Sooo much better than my first pink patella from TG did last year, although that one bloomed while rooting, which was also sweet. These guys must really just love to flower.

Hoya elliptica (IML 1679) ((This is the one with the lost leaf, as photographed)) Okay see this here? This is amazing. You can see the condition that all the other cuttings arrived in and this elliptica looks exactly like the one I had shipped from Aleya earlier this summer. I ordered both A and B from them and only one survived, but they both showed up with this weird yellow transparent look. It doesn't LOOK like it's a fussy plant but it clearly gets crazy mad at being shipped even for a very short time.

And that's all I have to say about that other than a big big big THANK YOU to Carolyn and her not-so-silent co-host David, for making all this possible. And of course to Iris, for giving us access to that amazing collection one last time.

Oh wait, no I have more after all. Quinn, that sp. Kalimantan is just wildly sinfully beautiful. I am really liking the kentiana too. It seems like the sort that I would fall over myself to acquire if I saw it listed as a "sp." but since it was hiding in plain site with someone else stealing its name all the time, I missed out. I have that pottsii and I totally agree that its small pretty leaves make it a winner. It grows well, too. I am realllllllly knocking on wood that a someone who shall not be named is lucky enough to be able to post photos of blooms soon.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...GREAT cuttings GG! You guys are SO lucky everything came in such healthy and beautiful shape! We see sometimes that its not always the case...So happy for all of you and good luck on your beautiful cuttings! Hope they all root well and grow.

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WOW!!! Beautiful cuttings. I added a few to my "list of wants". First on list is one of Quinns--the sp Kalimantan. I love the dark veining. GG's hellwingiana PNG (IML1101, rigida IML1529, and the erythrostemmas are to die for. I will be waiting patiently to see blooms.

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Quinn that sp Kalimantan is like the supermodel of the Hoya world, stunning.

GG you choose some very nice species and it was nice of you to say that my plant photos convinced you to choose some of those beauties. I already know that I love sp Estrella waterfall but now I can say the same for Hoya nervosa. Hoya sp IPPS 8898 is a fantastic species and it grows very well but I have been unable to bloom my plant.
Once your Hoya lambii starts to grow you will forgive yourself for ordering it. make sure you have a tall support for it to climb because it grows straight up very fast and then takes forever to fill in with leaves.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I think it was Patrick who first posted pics of sp. Kalimantan, and I have totally wanted it since. I'm pretty sure David has also posted pics of it, making the craving worse :)

GG I love that IML 1420. Especially once you said it was fuzzy. Lambii surprised me by being fuzzy underneath too, but it's not a plush sort of fuzzy. Lambii is awesome, especially in person. It looks great in photos too, but once you are actually in front of it, I don't see how you can regret getting it. That pointed tip is the best, somehow. You've got some nice nice cuttings in general!

I am quite happy with kentiana. It has this lovely delicate look very unlike wayetti. Wayetti is sturdy and solid, especially when kept watered well. Kentiana is by contrast very dragonfly-like. Both are definitely hanging basket plants though. We'll see if kentiana is anything like wayetti growth wise. Wayetti is very rewarding that way.

My white patella is putting out some new growth now. Let's hope they take better than the last bit. It shot out a long vine, but the vine dried up. It seems to want to stay moist while it is growing, so I'm going to try and keep up with that. I really want to see more leaves on my little guy.

I'm still kinda wishing I got caudata. I just wasn't sure I could grow it. Oh well.

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You two are totally scoring with the descriptions. First I read "sp Kalimantan is like the supermodel of the Hoya world" and thought: EXACTLY!

...and then I read "Kentiana is by contrast very dragonfly-like" and thought: PERFECTO!

LOL I'm sure I will forgive myself for lambii very soon, as long as it roots. (<_>_>) (<_ i am usually pretty blase about rooting but do get hyper-anxious plants that are difficult to a second shot at. oh and thanks for the advice getting support system all set up. was expecting it be slow poke. hilarious way describe grows.>I really need to do some serious research on caudata now that I have two of them, because my other one has been sitting like a stick for a while now. Maybe it's trying to stay perfectly still and make the most of its camoflagey leaves. SO FAR my impression has been that it is not terrifyingly easy to kill, however I've definitely failed at rooting it before.

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wow....I got my 24 new hoyas and very happy as well. That
Hoya sp. Kalimantan is amazing!

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I just love the leaves of Hoya sp. Kalimantan.......... passion, love at first sight!


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LOL Mitzi, you're so cute. Your enthusiasm always makes me smile. I think that one would travel well, don't you?

/ricfl 24 new cuttings! You totally scored! Happy rooting. :D

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