Strawberry plants

nugger(8)October 6, 2012

This is a reminder for Darcy known on here as westhamutd to let me know when the strawberry plants are ready, Thanks Frank

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If you are talking about strawberries from South Seminole nursery they are in.

Mine are in the ground!


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I got my strawberry plants from South Seminole Farms on Monday afternoon, too, but couldn't plant until this morning. I kept them in the bag in the fridge and put them into a bed I'd already prepared. They're mulched with landscape fabric covered with pine straw. The leaves are a bit wilted. I'm hopeful that they'll make it. Orlando-Dave, how are your plants doing?

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I am starting to see some new growth emerging from the brown crisp that was the original plant. I was ready to play taps for them and then saw the new growth.

Not sure if they will survive and if so how many but I at least have some hope now! This is my first year trying them so I was not sure what to expect.

How about yours?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

This was the first summer i had plants survive.Was really surprised as they are "Ozark Beauty Guess I'll add some more as 3 plants won't amount to much lol
Think I'll wait a bit longer to put them out in full sun . Toasted them last year. I had quite a bit of fruit last year much enjoyed by the squirrels lol gary

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Most of mine are putting out new leaves. A squirrel dug one up, but most look like they'll make it.

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